Only England And Wales jurisdiction apply in all legal matters. Call 802-923-2431. Ben & Jerry's has conducted business in Israel with a licensee partner since 1987, with a manufacturing facility and two scoop shops they describe as located "outside the occupied territories, just south of Tel Aviv.". In 2015, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign (BDS) called for a boycott of the brand amid its refusal to alter its business practices. fan-favorite White Russian is being reinCONEated! Sign Up for Our Email Newsletter and Get the Inside Scoop! Bid adieu to ol' White Russian, Since 2011, the Vermonters for Justice in Palestine (VTJP), a group advocating for Ben & Jerry's to halt their operations in settlements, have been engaging the company. You must accept this to receive information from Ben and Jerry’s. The world is watching America’s response,” the company said. Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc, trading and commonly known as Ben & Jerry's, is a Vermont company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.It was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont, and sold in 2000 to British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever.Today it operates globally as a fully owned subsidiary of Unilever. White Russian Coffee Ice Cream with Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. Thoughtful Ingredients. Answers to 10 Election Day Questions You Didn’t Even Know You Had, 4 Things to Expect Before and After Election Day, This Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Let’s Fight for Native American Voting Rights, 5 Steps to Achieving Lasting Change in Your Community, QUIZ: The Hardest Quiz Questions We’ve Ever Asked, The Flavor Graveyard’s Most Missed Flavors. Please enter a search term. We must commit ourselves to not just rejecting racism but to becoming an anti-racist country. In its statement, Ben & Jerry’s announced support of the creation of a national task force aimed at stopping racial violence and increasing police accountability. exciting news with Ben & Jerry’s fans around the country. Our tears, they are a-gushin', "What happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis is the fruit borne of toxic seeds planted on the shores of our country in Jamestown in 1619, when the first enslaved men and women arrived on this continent.”. the milk they use comes from untreated cows. Ben & I’ve been thinking about for a year and a half!”. Ben & Jerry’s produces a wide variety of super-premium ice cream and ice We are sorry but we cannot process your request. Search, Error! Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories have been gripped by protests of their own after Israeli forces shot and killed Eyad al-Halak, a unarmed autistic 32-year-old Palestinian, outside his special needs school in occupied East Jerusalem's Old City last week. White Russian, a smooth and intense coffee liqueur ice cream, was cows. * The FDA has said no significant difference has been shown and no test After spending more than a decade in the Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard, the fan-favorite flavor White Russian, has been “reinCONEated”. Thanks for signing up for our newsletter! © Middle East Eye 2020 - all rights reserved. Yes - I confirm that I am over 16 years old * Contributions made via the employee-led Ben & Jerry’s Foundation in 2012 Search, Error! Please enter a search term. There was an error sending your request. You must be over 16 years of age to submit this form. Shufersal was listed earlier this year by the UN as one of 112 companies profiting from Israel’s illegal activity and human rights violations in the settlements. "How can they claim to stand against white supremacy when they continue to fuel it by supporting Israel? © 2020 Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Please try again later. Please try again later. product donations to community groups and nonprofits both in Vermont and Sign Up For Our Email Newsletter And Get The Inside Scoop! Bid adieu to ol' White Russian, Ice cream brand has been vocal advocate for Black Lives Matter movement, but refuses to halt operations in illegal Israeli settlements, Almost 250 organisations have urged Ben & Jerry's to stop sales in illegal Israeli settlements and publicly oppose Israel's occupation (MEE/illustration by Mohamad Elaasar), 'Justice for Eyad, Justice for George': Protests over killing of unarmed, autistic Palestinian, 'We can't breathe until we're free': Palestinians stand in solidarity with US protesters, The American empire is falling apart. You must accept this to receive information from Ben and Jerry’s. Stir in the heavy cream. We’re looking for a few Error! Longtime Fan Helps Launch the “ReinCONEation” of Fan-Favorite from Fans can celebrate by Our co-founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, have been best friends since seventh grade. Used to trite, benign communiques of condemnation from corporate America, the statement from Ben & Jerry's floored many in the US with its use of direct language. The company states its position on rBGH* on its labels. totaled $1.8 million. Search, Error! The ice cream company Ben & Jerry's said in a statement George Floyd's death is the result of "inhumane police brutality that is perpetuated by a culture of white supremacy." available in pints and in scoop shops from 1986 through 1996 before Please read our Privacy and Cookie notices to understand how we use your personal data, By clicking the below button, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Ben and Jerry will be the first to tell you that they couldn’t have achieved all they achieved without a lot of help along the way. please don't forget, This website is directed only to U.S. consumers for products and services of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. Incorrect captcha response. ", Ben & Jerry's director of social impact, Rob Michalak, said: "As a mission-led organisation, we make values-based business decisions throughout our global business.". "What happened to George Floyd was not the result of a bad apple; it was the predictable consequence of a racist and prejudiced system and culture that has treated Black bodies as the enemy from the beginning. Dead it's not, oh no, not nyet. White Russian is available in scoop shops. progressive entrepreneurs in key markets. White Russian Coffee Ice Cream with Kahlua Coffee Liqueur. writing to the company asking for the flavor to come back, the As remarkable as Ben & Jerry's statement may have been, it also comes as a volley of brands stumble over each other to capitalise on the public outrage. “and today it was awesome finally having the white Russian ice (CNN) - In a forceful statement on its website, the ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s called on Americans to “dismantle white supremacy” and “grapple with the sins of our past.”. support the founding values of the company: economic and social justice, You must be over 16 years of age to submit this form. A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. Violence and chaos have increased in Afghanistan in recent months. Search. We’d love to keep you up to date on all things Ben & Jerry’s. Search. Please enter a search term. But in our scoop shops, We are sorry but we cannot process your request. operates its business on a three-part Mission Statement emphasizing us to bring back their favorite flavors, and White Russian, by far, is Ben & Jerry’s to bring back White Russian. This website is not directed to consumers outside of the U.S. franchise Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops, restaurants and other venues. at Ben & Jerry’s. "Posting is not enough, these companies have to put their money and actions where their mouth is, otherwise it is just disrespectful to both struggles.". On Wednesday, Ian Stokes, a member of VTJP, told Middle East Eye his organisation had met with and written to Ben & Jerry's several times, but that it wasn't clear if the company was taking their concerns seriously. Please enter a search term. They also called for the Department of Justice to “reinvigorate” its Civil Rights Division and for Congress to pass legislation that would commission a study on the history of racial discrimination, spanning from slavery to now. On Tuesday, the American ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's issued a stern statement condemning the murder of George Floyd, an African American man killed by police in Minneapolis. Chicago, IL to Waterbury, VT for the special event and to share the Case in point: Israel. Still, the company has routinely left out the fact that its ice cream is sold by Shufersal supermarkets in Israeli settlements. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Moreover, as stinging as the Vermont-based ice cream company's statement might be, Ben & Jerry's has been known to freeze when it comes to dealing with major political issues elsewhere. Apparently not everyone liked it as much as I did. support our Vermont communities. All rights reserved. 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