Specification: SoftwareCenter/RatingsAndReviews, For the review guidelines see SoftwareCenter/RatingsAndReviewsGuidelines. Etwa die Hälfte davon sind WebApps, es gibt aber auch ausgereifte Programme wie Pure Maps, eine ausgefeilte Karten- und Navigations-App oder Stellarium, ein Planetarium für die Hosentasche. The “Go Back” and “Go Forward” items should represent the Back and Forward actions. Now search for “atom ” (with a trailing space); it should return only Liferea. For as long as the item is waiting for other package transactions, the Launcher should show it as a greyed-out icon, with the help tip “Waiting to install”. As a Google project, you can trust it to have features the best browsers offer including developer tools, web development standards, and support for the newest technologies. the Ubuntu button, or the “Applications” menu) in which the application resides. Functionality is largely unchanged by the switch too. Sometimes the Ubuntu Software Center fails to load. In the “File” menu, immediately following the “Install” item should be a “Reinstall” item. Opening a .deb package should launch Ubuntu Software Center (or focus it, wait until any dialogs are dismissed, and then navigate) to a temporary software item screen for the package. The button should still say “Install 1 Item”, and the action bar should still say “3 items”. The label “License:” followed by its license text. The package removal should be presented in the standard way. On the home screen, the “What’s New” area should use tiles to list, newest first, the applications that appeared most recently in any of your software channels, excluding items that you have already installed. Otherwise it should be the standard status text for the operation. The name should be localized, for example as “Centre” in Commonwealth countries. This software requires a floppy disk drive, but none are currently connected. Otherwise, if “What’s Popular” has been implemented and the category contains more than 60 items, the screen should consist only of the “Top Rated” and “What’s Popular” areas, each listing 12 items. Each history entry should consist of an icon, text, a time, and a price. It is the successor to OpenOffice and the most popular alternative to Microsoft Office suite with full compatibility with all MS office document formats. How should we present items that Recommend (but do not Depend on) an item that is about to be removed because of an item you are about to install? Finally, every item has a genre represented by a primary category, and sometimes also by a primary subcategory and/or a secondary category. Log searches so that we can tweak metadata to suit them. Forward should become available once more. Now remove it; once removal finishes, “All Software” should be highlighted once more. I rarely use Ubuntu Software to install, manage, or remove software as the command line is just far more efficient. Melatie runs an accounting business that is far too small to have its own IT manager. As noted on Ubuntu Discourse, the ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-minimal meta-packages now pull in the Ubuntu Software Snap app in place of the regular apt/repo version. Ubuntu 12.04 (April 2012) included Ubuntu Software Center 5.2, with personalized recommendations, Unity launcher integration, system requirements disclosure, and access to backports. The secondary text for each item should be the date on which the package was uninstalled. The application icon should be of an attractive shopping bag with handles, such as you might get from a high-class department store. Gegenüber der Webseite hat der Store den Vorteil, dass nur für das Gerät geeignete Apps angezeigt werden, und keine "verwaisten" oder für nicht mehr unterstützte Versionen geschriebene Apps auftauchen, die sich dann nicht installieren lassen. 2004 – 2020 ubuntuusers.de • Einige Rechte vorbehalten. If debtags had become available, we would have refined this classification scheme. Or if non-free (as in beer) software is sold through the software store then the money could go through the site ... (The need was talked about in FLOSS Weekly 86 - Ardour). Whenever an item is selected in a software list view, “Edit” > “Copy Web Link” should be enabled. Where there is no limit on the number of items shown, initially only 60 items should be loaded and shown initially (60 because that will produce a decent batch of complete rows whether there are 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 tiles per row). For more information about Windows Subsystem for Linux please visit: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WSL. It’s already possible to install Snaps from the Snap Store by installing the Snap Store as a Snap — — on a supported version of Ubuntu (or another Linux distro that supports Snaps) by running: I can’t say this change will affect me too much. Skype is another no-brainer on this list. A package or an application. These are the exceptions: The icon should be the usual icon for the package, except that unless otherwise specified, a package that is currently installed should have its icon overlaid in the bottom left corner with the installed checkmark emblem. If a software list view has items hidden by default, the bottom of the pane containing the view should have a panel (below the bottom of the scrollbar) containing a hyperlink of the form “Show 17 technical items”. Activating the command should be the only way (other than subsequently using Back and Forward) of navigating to an “Installed Software” > “Residual Files” screen. Test case: (sc-011) From the home screen, search for “drawing ” (with a trailing space). Über die Einstellungen (Zahnrad rechts oben) kann eine "Kindersicherung" aktiviert werden, es gibt einen Link zum Sourcecode und zum Bugtracker. Once it has loaded completely, the main pane should display the Canonical Payment Service screen for buying the item. If the item is being installed or is having its add-ons changed, it should also have an icon-only cancel button. The login page will open in a new tab. It is nicely designed and free to use. When you request to remove an item and it is waiting for other tasks in the “In Progress” queue, its status text should be “Waiting to remove”. Google Chrome. The above step can also be performed using Administrator PowerShell prompt: Interact with it from your desktop panel bar. It is not necessary to translate it word-for-word, but translations should (a) include the word “Ubuntu” (to reduce confusion with Debian Software Center etc), and (b) should not use a word that means “applications” in particular (because it also allows installation of non-application software such as add-ons, fonts, and themes). The algorithm for determining an item’s primary category and subcategory should be: If it has a .desktop file with at least one Category: value that matches one of the subcategories listed above, then: Use the first recognizable Category: value to determine the subcategory from the table. Try again in a few minutes.”, with a “Try Again” button below. If you have not been online since navigating to this screen, the rest of the screen should display horizontally and vertically centered text, “Connect to the Internet to see your purchase and account history.” If you have been online but the page did not load successfully, it should instead be centered text “The account service isn’t available right now. To emphasize that it is a gallery (bug 691594), the gallery should include thumbnails of each item even if there is only one. These are based on the questions most frequently asked by real customers: I tried to buy something but it failed. [Matt Griffin]. If necessary, an Ubuntu Single Sign-On/Registration dialog should appear. History rows should have the same layout and behavior as rows in a categorized software list view, except that: They should use the software’s short name rather than its title. a redirector Web service (redirecting from http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/package-name to apt:package-name), to better cater for forums and other CMSes that do not allow direct apt: links. In the “Provided by Ubuntu” screens, non-application packages should be hidden by default. If/once you are signed in, the item should install without any further interaction. This should replace the “Go Back” and “Go Forward” items, and the following separator, from the “View” menu. eine OpenRailwayMap-App unter "Personalisierung" oder eine App zu Betrachtung eines christlichen Buches unter "Mode" verloren hat, erschließt sich nicht ohne Weiteres. The expanded or collapsed state of every category should be remembered between sessions. The label “Downloaded from:” followed by the appropriate text (private bug 882831). In both the navigation bar and the menus, the Back and Forward commands should be unavailable. Tiles are used to present software items on the home screen, category screens, subcategory screens, search results, and other listings. Whenever an update is installed or waiting to be installed, its “Update” button should be disabled. Both when it is selected in a software list view, and when you are at its software item screen, “File” > “Install” should instead be “File” > “Buy…”. The package Summary should be “Utility for browsing, installing, and removing applications” (without a period). In the “File” menu, following the package operation items should be a separator and a “Package Info” item with keyboard equivalent Ctrl I. This software has multiple requirements missing from this computer. And if the selected version is installed, the button should be “Remove”. Make installation asyncronous (background process) and allow user to continue browsing the Software Center meanwhile. Games: Card Games) [idea 14857], name of competitor (e.g. USC should return exactly the same results for both searches, though possibly in a different order. The “Install” button should be disabled if the item is currently installing or queued for installation. Intermediate searches should not be in the history. Install the Telegram on Ubuntu via the terminal: Tilix is an advanced free and open-source terminal emulator creating using GTK3 to enable users to organize multiple terminal windows horizontally and vertically. A software item screen is not searchable. If the icon is scalable, or larger than 4 em in either dimension, it should be scaled down proportionally so that it is 4 em in its largest dimension.