In addition to the variety of tong jaws, tongs in general can come in many different lengths. Most of the different types of tongs that are used in blacksmithing This feature makes v-bit tongs great bladesmithing tongs. Blacksmithing tongs are an important aspect of the hand forging process, second only to the hammer and anvil. The size and weight of tongs should also be within your skill limits, but unlike the length, it’s actually quite difficult to recommend an ideal weight, as everyone is different and some prefer a lighter touch and others a heavier grip. They can have solid metal bits that clam on the workpiece or loops on each bit through which the edges or corners of the flat metal pieces can be placed. This type of tong has one main purpose – to flip burgers and steaks on grills. ✔️OFFSET, Z-BIT STYLE - Your flat, square, round or other stock is never impeded by the rivet... ✔️VERSATILE V-BIT JAWS - These blacksmith tongs are an indispensable addition to your tool... Can be easily shaped into different types of tongs, Mostly used for flat stock, not much versatility, 14" long reins with secure rivet joint with ball end reins, Finished black bronze coat to protect from corrosion. Plastic tongs are great general-purpose serving pieces. Made to serve and hold the eponymous mollusk, snail tongs securely grip a snail shell so that the meat can be removed and enjoyed. Duck bill tongs have a very descriptive name. On the surface, tongs are deceptively simple, but if you dive into the world of tongs, you'll discover a versatile collection of specialized tools, ranging from the common salad tong to the rarer snail tong. When first starting out,  it’s often better to simply select an ideal length range (as mentioned) for your tong of choice, and then pick-up a high quality pair from a reputable brand who know what they’re doing. They allow us as blacksmiths to manipulate and move the metal workpiece with heightened ease, accuracy and efficiency – as well as keep our fingers in one piece while hammering away! The term "buffet tongs" doesn't have a solid definition, but it usually refers to tongs with a triangular hand that can transfer a variety of items. Buffet tongs often have a triangular or scalloped tip, making it easier to pick up and serve different types of foods. BUILT TO LAST - Heavy duty forged steel construction ensures these tongs will work as hard as you... VERSATILE - One of our most versatile and popular styles, great for holding a wide variety of stock... MORE HOLDING POWER - 18" Total Length gives added leverage to hold stock securely, Great started tongs for beginning blacksmiths, Provides a firm grip on stock of different shapes and sizes. Unlike other tongs here, these are quite difficult, especially as a beginner, to forge correctly from a base pair of tongs. Not particularly useful for general purpose forging, but an essential piece of kit for those wanting to specialize more in knife-making or bladesmithng. Detailed metalworking usually calls for spreading tongs. The other type is designed more like a pair of scissors and is joined below the handles. There is a logical tradeoff based on the length of tongs. If the stock width is too narrow or too wide, it may not provide the desired snug fit of the blade within the jaws. There are also some types designed for more delicate purposes, such as serving foods, and these are often somewhat smaller and may be made of silver or plastic. They can range on average from 15 inches to 40 inches, depending on the application, or how you make them in your own forge. This little known plugin reveals the answer. You'll often find them on salad bars, where they're used to serve salad toppings and delicate produce. These tongs are available in attractive finishes such as chrome and satin steel. We're here to help! 3/4" x 3/8" Box Jaw securely hold material. V-bit tongs are great for a variety of applications. Metal tongs tend to last longer, but they shouldn't be used in hot temperatures for more than a few seconds because they conduct heat and can burn the user. The other type is designed more like a pair of scissors and is joined below the handles.