Waiting on the phone for 5 hours is not what I consider good service. I phoned Bell last night (Telus does not even offer evening customer service.) Current promo price (new or existing customers. How old is yours? So I am chatting with the guy on chat who finally fixes it and gives me yet again a different set of numbers to call that are the "right numbers". These days the Audio Room is seen…. As an Alberta resident, I haven't experienced better telephone service than what I've received from Telus because I'm afraid to explore the grass on the other side. Is there truly a good land line telephone service provider? He came in later saying my internet would be down for an hour and was that an issue. Is there truly a good land line telephone service provider? I see Telus has a new system called boost Wi-Fi, and for $120 for two nodes, the price seems competitive since some other systems charge more for that for just a single node, and Telus also claims the sigal is better than Google Wi-Fi. I joined Telus with a bundle - mobility & home services (internet and TV). Well shame on us for trying to pay you more money! This plan comes with download speeds of up to 15 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps. That was one of the things I missed with Shaw. :(. Home Phone  Effective date: August 30, 2020TELUS Loyalty Home Phone$15.00includes Local Line, Call Display and Call Screen Except TELUS Loyalty Home Phone was a promotion of 10.00 so how do you keep screwing me. They didn't call back. to get my network devices talking to one another. I used to be a big fan but will start expediting the cancellation of ALL my Telus services. I got them to refund 100 defective coconut shell flower pots. Sometimes the u/l speed is as fast as 27 Mbps. Twelve months go by and all of sudden you are stuck with a larger bill and they will not do ANYTHING about it. I started with telus and have been on hold while I've already made 7+ calls on my cell phone. Reaching a blazing fast speed of 1,500Mbps, this is the internet plan you’d want to go for if you do a lot of streaming and gaming, and especially if you need a … No kidding. Watch Queue Queue. We ordered our phones online through EPP as we learned we would get a deal on my husbands line since he works for a company that had negotiated one, where I still pay full price for my phone and iPad. I think I have more devices connected Boost system (ie surveillance cameras) so I can't do an effective test. .css-12anxc3{width:24px;height:24px;display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle;position:relative;overflow:hidden;top:-0.1em;fill:currentColor;}.css-12anxc3::before{position:absolute;display:block;left:0;}.css-12anxc3::after{content:'';display:block;position:absolute;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;}.css-12anxc3 svg{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;fill:inherit;display:block;left:0;top:0;right:0;bottom:0;}189, Find more Internet Service Providers near Telus, I just spent two hours on the phone with a man named Michael from a. in Guatemala and he was unbelievably helpful in rectifying a billing error that I had enquired about. Telus PureFibre 1.5 Gigabit Internet. This is a way of doing high-speed residential DSL for customers who don't have FTTH (fiber to the home). Current promo price (new or existing customers. TELUS IS GARBAGE %10000000000. I don't know anything about this branch, I just assume they blow." I told him if we can't use our debit machine it is an issue but it's ok as long as the phones are fixed. No matter the brand, we can fix your smartphone or tablet, Founded by Peter Segstro and Late Lawrence Ling the Audio Room provided customers with a variety of name brands as well as unique brands. This will cause overheat issue and will slow your router. Telus DSL plans are best for budget-conscious customers who prioritize saving money over having the top speed. Is it greener? http://www.telus.com/en/bc/internet/plans/internet-100/?&planKey=internet-100, I recently upgraded to Shaw's 100, so far so good http://i.imgur.com/6tv7Zal.jpg (also get 500gb/mo). You will only further enhance my rage towards you), TELUS internet ia the worst freaking garbage. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Not 92 year old dementia patients! I put up a notice on my door "if you're from Telus get off my door step". This "100"/20 speed + price seems to be better than Shaw (mostly if you value upload speed). Are you kidding me? Service call required technician to have access to my apartment building's "phone room" so they could hook up the second set of wires typically not connected. Meanwhile the phone (even unplugged) is calling 911, and police are showing up at our business. Calling confirmed it. It seems like I know you already. I will not share the details as it raises my blood pressure. If a few people who have tried both Boost Wi-Fi and a competing mesh system tell me which of the two works better, and what competing system they used to compare, that would be great. ASK for a Telus I.D.Some reason Telus farms out sometimes to contractors and you will be on the hook for thousands. With Windows OS, the ping is 15 ms...which is typical compared with other reviews. In fact, in 50 years, I have never dealt with a company with such terrible customer service. When I finally do get through I wait on hold for an hour to have the system say "we can't take your call due to difficulties" and it proceeds to hang up on me.4. Without that contract, I'm sure they would lose a huge customer base. Such is not the case. In reality, these senior managers have not hired sufficient customer service reps to meet the customer demand. And if you reach out Telus Customer service, they will ask you how many devices connected to your router and Wifi signals/location. I have spent a total of 10 hours on the phone today and about 9 of it on hold where I have received no answers, no apologies but many many excuses. Telus is the worst company ever. Boost offers hidden SSID's, but many recommend not using that feature. So I wait on hold another 45 min and get them to fix that.7. Finally, to add insult to injury, I received a confirmation email from Telus which showed the wrong start date for the vacation suspension. After doing a lot of online research, decided to go for it. Also they keep saying they will give me a break on my bill for by never ending trouble but that Never happens. Every single day I called them about the same issue of their internet not working. Advice to everyone: AVOID TELUS. The whole process took < 60 minutes - but should have been much quicker due to an issue on Telus' end. There are reasons for this problem, 1) poor hiring practices, I have yet to encounter any support that was professional or helpful. I am looking to add a mesh Wi-Fi system to my home since the fibre is fixed to one end of my house and the wireless signal range won’t reach the other end. The manager essentially explained they could do nothing to help us, we would have to wait for our rescheduled appointment for installation.. which was 2 weeks after our tv and internet were shut off.. and even suggested we try another provider. We were duped into a "sale" by TELUS if we swapped from our other service provider, so we opted in for the discount. Now I am bridging the modem to a AC router but makes no difference when I take the AC router out of the network. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. Then 2 months ago I had 3 Telus representatives (3 different occasions) come into my store offering the same service we already have for 1/2 the price we pay. Telus Internet. I can't wait until my contract is up and I can go back to Shaw. I get my husband on the phone and they are all of a sudden magically able to ask us verify info - if they needed to speak to him they should have just said so and saved everyone a lot of time. I’ve had Boost for a couple of months and am very happy. Dodged that bullet, thanks for the waste of time TELUS. Did the website say you had availability? We had heard bad stories from friends but never thought much of it as our personal experience was fine... then we decided to bring you our mobility business.