Strings come with different designs suited for certain playing styles. BA1 1UA. The advantage of having their own factory line and machinery gives D’Addario full control over the EXL’s digital precision-winding process, wrapping nickel-plated steel wire for a bright tone, balanced with a tight and booming low end. Sting is a Lo-Rider user, their modern tone ideally suited to his late-career material – so these can sure be a versatile everyday option. They’re in their sweet spot with warmer sounds – so don’t be afraid to roll off your tone pot or follow Jamerson’s lead and jam a piece of foam under the strings beside the bridge for a punchy staccato feel to every note you play. “With different string gauges,” says Lee, “playing with a pick versus using your fingers will yield different results that you’ll feel and hear. Brighter and deeper than the traditionally warm sound of flatwounds, the Roto 77s clearly have a sweet spot for ‘70s rock. What about tone? The material a string is made of has the biggest impact on its sound. Aside from having the softest touch, they produce a dark and soft tone that is similar to that of an upright bass. Although they are made of steel wound and synthetic core, they have a long-term durability that excels credibly beyond expectation. 50-105, 55-110. One of the best bass strings available for crystal clear modern tones, Price: $39.99/£32.55/€35.92 | Winding: | Material: Tin-plated high-carbon steel core/Iron-cobalt alloy winding | Tone: Mid-scooped, defined bass and treble | Suited to: Modern metal, funk and pop | Available gauges: 45-100, 45-105, 50-105, 55-110, 45-130 (five-string). The strings’ standard steel core renders optimum playability, even as it keeps a good balance between bow response and pizzicato sustain. You will receive a verification email shortly. 6) D’Addario Medium Tension Kaplan Bass String. The strings provide extremely full and loud sound. Ernie Ball’s Regular Slinky Nickel Bass are a classic set of strings, used by countless pros the world over. The Kaplan Bass String is yet another medium-sized strings from D’Addario. This esteemed selection of players alone should give you some idea of the kind of sounds you can dial in with a set of Rotosound’s classic bass strings. Best Double Bass Strings, Best String for Double Bass & Best Upright Bass String Brands. The medium gauge and overall playing define this strings as a nice one to have. Designed as an all-round bass string with a balanced tone suitable for all styles, the NYXLs are competing in the fiercely fought mid-price market – but, crucially, at a higher price than the perennial Ernie Ball Slinkys. And, though each company chooses certain alloys, bass strings are made of broadly similar materials. There’s really very little to dislike and plenty to be pleased about with GHS’s budget set of bass strings. Bass guitars are designed to give you deep lows that help drive the music. Street $35. In This Article: If you are looking for something that can bring out the best in your bass playing career, the Zyex strings will help you a great deal. Choosing the best double bass strings shouldn’t be a Herculean task. Some of the best bass strings available for slapping, tapping and popping, Price: $24.99/£20.24/€22.60 | Winding: Roundwound | Material: Stainless steel | Tone: Deep bass and bright treble | Suited to: Contemporary sounds and slap | Available gauges: 40-95, 40-100, 45-100, 45-105, 50-110, 40-120 (five-string), 45-125 (five-string), 45-130 (five-string), 30-125 (six-string), 30-130 (six-string). CMUSE is your music news and entertainment website. No more screeching and scratching either – these strings are known and trusted for reducing the finger friction and fret noise as you slide, solo, and change chord positions. We'll be reporting on the best offers right through to Black Friday itself. Ernie Ball distinguishes its flats as Group I, II, III, … For roundwound strings, the options are seemingly endless. Therefore, ensure you strike a balance between price and sound when looking for the best strings. A general purpose offering, the Bassics offer a balanced tonal response with extra punch in the low-mids. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? However, you may not find them very much appealing in the upper register. However, there are strings that feature sheep gut as a core. We want to hear from you! The strings of this model also feature standard steel core, with medium tension capability. Orchestral Musicians Bring Whales To Surface – This Will Take Your... Elgar’s Nimrod Vocal Performance Will Make You So Emotional. For acoustic and upright style sounds from a regular electric bass you just can’t beat a set of tapewounds – and these Rotosounds are the real deal. Tone and playability are your primary concerns. “Generally, the lighter the gauge of string makes for a brighter sound, and heavier gauge creates a thicker sound. The resulting sound is as smooth as the strings feel on your fingers; a nice, warm treble with just the right amount of clean low-end. 1. PROS: Smooth and easy to re-string your bass with. Such strings usually sound nice when played with a bow. So where does the humble purveyor of low end begin? The last two considerations involve the string core and the winding of your acoustic guitar strings. It’s all about what works for you, the style you’ll be playing, how often you play, and ultimately, the sound you’re shooting for. The small-diameter core gives a feel that’s not too stiff. But if you’re a newbie, finding the best double bass strings can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. The first mass-produced bass guitars in the 1950s were created by Fender, featuring flat-wound stainless steel strings, and they are still widely used today especially on the company’s jazzy J-Bass and P-Bass. It makes for much easier playing as you learn.”. PROS: Great for melodic bass-lines and tapping. 7) Pirastro Double Bass Strings Flexocor Series. When attacking, they have a remarkable gut-like sound as well. Prog and metal, funk and slap are all on the cards, but think contemporary rather than classic. These strings are remarkable for their ability to reduce inertia in a significant proportion. Composer Son Lux Plays A Piano Rigged With Razors For Gillette... New Beethoven portrait covers 1 million square feet. A decent buy! Expect vintage style tones, reduced string noise and improved playability from flats (they’re kinder to fretless fingerboards too), but opt for roundwounds for bright, contemporary sounds. The strings weigh 8 ounces and measure 8.8 x 1.1 x 8.8 inches in dimensions. You might just need to roll off the tone occasionally. That is all you need to buy the best double bass strings. Optus, the second largest telecommunications company in Australia, has a long association with nature so M&C Saatchi, Sydney set about exploring communication between humans... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Most users say these aren’t meant for rock, as they lack the brightness, and some even say they’re too slack. The best bass strings for beginners and those on a tight budget, Price: $15.99/£13.02/€14.36 | Winding: Roundwound | Material: Steel core/Nickel-plated steel winding | Tone: Low-mid punch, clear, treble-light | Suited to: All-round tones | Available gauges: 40-102, 44-102, 44-106, 44-130 (five-string). Check out their signature tones on The Beatles’ Abbey Roa/ (Paul McCartney), The Jam’s All Mod Cons (Bruce Foxton), David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs and Lou Reed’s Transformer (Herbie Flowers on both). England and Wales company registration number 2008885. D’Addario medium tension strings are primarily designed and optimized to fit the playing needs of most bass players. They are designed to be highly responsive while reserving the ability to endure a long period of play with a good lifespan. 8) Pirastro D-Bass Solo Set Original Flat-Chrome. Other strings are warmer and more subdued, but offer a fuller, fatter bottom end that’s perfect for jazz, reggae, and that old-school rock and Motown sound. Even manufacturers don’t have a set formula for which gauges should go together in a set. A bass’s strings can make a big difference in the tone of your bass. For a versatile everyday string, we’d be choosing between Ernie Ball’s Regular Slinkys and D’Addario’s NYXLs. Some of the best bass strings for bright, modern sounds, Price: $24.99/£20.24/€22.60 | Winding: Roundwound | Material: Steel core/Nickel plated steel winding | Tone: Bright, clear | Suited to: Modern rock, pop, metal | Available gauges: 40-95, 45-100, 45-105. And here is how you can get them. They are described as Spirocore because they have multi-wire spiro core that is flexible. The reason is, you cannot play good music without good strings.