This bone, along with the slightly tougher meat makes it ideal for low and slow cooking methods like smoking. Pat your pork dry with a paper towel.   Copyright © 2005 - 2020   All Rights Reserved. Pat away any excess moisture with paper towels. Kudos to an incredible chef. To pull your pork, insert two forks into your meat and pull them in different directions. Smoked and slow roasted Boston butt is an affordable and delicious way to make pulled pork or carnitas for your next barbecue. Let your pork sit for approximately thirty minutes or until it reaches room temperature. This helps keep the meat tender and keeps a little extra moisture in. This helps keep the meat tender and keeps a little extra moisture in. Once again, apple cider or apple cider vinegar make great options. At that point, wrap it in a towel and place it in a clean, dry cooler. roast, then season all sides of the Boston butt with the rub mixture. East, West & South Applewood Smoked Pork Chops, chipotle chili powder (or cayenne pepper), Just A Pinch Recipes - # 1 Site for Real Recipes from Real Home Cooks, Show 16 Comments & Reviews, 18 Inexpensive Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We are a Secret community of grilling, meat smoking, barbecuing pitmasters from all across the nation. Preparing an easy Thanksgiving that is. (Grillmaster University has a ton of bbq pork injection recipe ideas in case you were curious!). Rub the yellow mustard onto the There are three components that you need to get onto your pork – salt, sugar, and spices. Leave a 1/4 inch layer of fat along the bottom. While you’re doing all the prep work to make your own perfectly smoked boston butt, don’t forget about the most important factor: the smoke. Everything else is details, but the details matter. Boston butt tends to still be a pretty affordable cut and can be bought in large quantities. Take the butt out of the fridge an hour before putting it on the grill. Continue the procedure until you have covered your entire smoked pork butt. The bottom of the shoulder is called the picnic. When the internal temperature reaches 150-160 degrees, wrap the butt tightly in aluminum foil. Pat dry the meat with paper towels, and apply the dry rub all over the sides. We recommend opening it one small section at a time so the steam can escape. If possible, leave the pork in your refrigerator overnight. Every hour or hour and 1/2, open smoker and turn meat to ensure even cooking. Gooey and sweet, caramel apples are scrumptious. If you like a spicier or sweeter rub, adjust it as you like. Smoked Pork Belly – Signature Pork Recipe, Beef Jerky Recipe – Easy At Home Snack Recipe, Stuffed Burger Recipes – 15 Mouth Watering Video Tutorials For Grill Masters, Smoked Turkey – Simple & Delicious Recipe, BBQ Sauce Recipe – Everything You Need to Know, Filet Mignon Marinade – Best Way To Cook Perfect Meat, Grilled Ribeye Recipes – Five Delicious Meal Options. As an Amazon Associate, Smoker Cooking earns from qualifying purchases. safe minimum temperature for pork specified by the USDA. The morning before the day you plan on smoking your boston butt, begin by trimming the meat. Wait until the internal temperature of your smoked pork butt has reached 195 degrees Fahrenheit before you remove the meat from your smoker. Smoked pork butt also provides your meat with a lot more flavor for a sensational meal. You can also use alder, mesquite or maple. So turn on your grill and invite over your friends because your butt is about to be the talk of the neighborhood! After your smoked pork butt has been cooking for two hours, use a barbeque mop to baste your meat. Your pork will remain hot for as long as four hours. Smoked Boston Pork Butt Recipe This recipe uses the Pit Barrel Cooker- a great BBQ pit for new and experienced Pitmasters alike. Let your pork sit for approximately thirty minutes or until it reaches room temperature. Cooking this Smoked Boston Pork Butt is gonna be a slow and easy process. Instead of Remember, even if you only use one of the rebars, you should place both of them on the PBC to ensure the ventilation works as intended by its creators. Pour any mixture that seeped into your pan over your pork. At this point, your pork will have received enough smoke. Smoking meat, as you already well know, gives food a rich flavor that just can’t be matched. Pro Tip: Purchasing the best quality pork butt available is worth the money. roast into two or three sections. recipe is cooked for less time than most other pork roast recipes. This isn't cooked to fall-apart tenderness, but it is cooked to its minimum safe done temperature. Coat roast with spicy brown mustard. Do not unwrap the aluminum foil for any reason with absolutely no exceptions. Continue injecting at three different angles without removing your needle. Use about a cup of wood chips or a 2x2x2 chunk of wood to start. This Succulent Smoked Boston Butt Recipe Kicks Butt! 11 Scrumptious Caramel Apple Desserts. You now have two options. Fall and caramel apples go together like peas and carrots. Coat the pork butt with the mustard. Smoke the butt for about 8 hours. Most smoked pork butt recipes call for a bone-in pork shoulder, sometimes also labeled a Boston butt roast or a pork butt. Pro tip- Working with raw pork can be dangerous business. This layer is called the “fat cap.” Score the fat cap using perpendicular diagonal lines, creating a checkerboard along the bottom. If the temperature is 165 degrees Fahrenheit, begin the tenderization process. Smoking time will definitely be longer, and wrapping the Boston butt in foil will speed things up. Required fields are marked *, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Smoked Beef Brisket Recipe (The 9 Hour Veritcal Brisket Cook), Wagyu Grilled Beef Ribs (Sweet Kalbi Style Sauce). If you cook a pork butt any other way, you are risking ending up with dry, tough and chewy pork. I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog I Love Grilling Meat has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Barbecue Blogs on the web. Check your internal temperature after two hours. The smoked Boston butt should be cooked until the internal temperature reaches just 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, I’m having Thanksgiving without pie to simplify my effort during this crazy 2020 holiday meal. This provides the added bonus of To shorten cooking time in the smoker, cut the pork Continue cooking your meat on your smoker. Having done that, apply your all-purpose rub. Cover with smoker lid. giving each piece a more concentrated flavor from the seasonings and Be extremely careful because your Boston butt will be incredibly hot. Applying a dry rub might be the simplest way to season when you’re smoking boston butt. In a small bowl, combine brown sugar, chili powder, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper. You can slice your smoked pork butt into thick and tender slices or make pulled pork, Each Share Saves a Steak From Being Cooked Well Done, What You Need to Know for the Ideal Smoked Pork Butt, How To Use And Calibrate A Cooking Thermometer – Complete Instruction, History of Barbecue – The Four Types of Barbecue Found In the USA, Meat Grinders Guide: How to Carve a Rotisserie Chicken, Lean Mean Grilling Guide: Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes, How To Use Chicken & Turkey Rack Instructions. Combine the pork rub ingredients. For pork, hickory is a great choice, but apple or pecan will add great smoke flavor too.