You might also like: Sony vs Microsoft net worth: Final Round 2020 , Xbox net worth – 2020, Sony vs Microsoft net worth: Final Round 2020, Google launches version 85 of the Chrome browser with great features, How to unblock someone on Facebook: App, Messanger, Web, Google Voice Number: Guide for, Change, Set Up, Business vs Personal, Phone Printing: It’s easy with these tools and apps. PS3 is a great choice for people who want to play online with backup for free…. I have also tried many games that I haven’t played before, such as Sonic Unleashed which runs (almost) perfectly on the PS3. I have two PS3 laying around. PlayStation 4: Firmware 8.00 released with new avatars, revamped Party & Messages & some QoL improvements – Some changes not received well by community. Though this figure fluctuates from time to time but according to big publications, this is the current net worth of PlayStation. PS3 has a much larger userbase, but banning anyone at this point is just silly. I can enjoy a range of features such as cheat codes, dumping my own games and playing them from the SSD and controlling my console’s fans. The PS3 had plenty of solid titles (including one of my favorite games of all time, “The Last of Us”) and, although I had an Xbox 360 in that time, I know alot of the same games were on each system. Some guy on Facebook wants to trade a PS3 Super Slim for my Switch Pro Controller. It was reported that Playstation had made over 86 million sales and they made over 20 million dollars. The eBay pricings above are calculated using the retailer’s data of units sold within two months previous to when this article was last updated (October 22, 2020). PS3 CFW is still better than PS4 CFW: Uncharted/Killzone/Resistance trilogies, always online with unBAN, ShowTime streaming from PirateBay…, in my experience, the ps2 sucks loading from usb, i vaguely remember giving up when i saw it still ran usb 1.0 or 1.1 spec. Stuff like “Black Ops II” (one of the best Black Ops games in my opinion) and “Minecraft” were some of the game I used to play and, playign them on the PS3 today, they play just as well as how I remember on the X360. The answer largely depends on the model and the condition the system is in. Yeah, you can play your games and save it for a couple of years,and someone will be willing to buy it for a price in the future. In 1080p, the games still look gorgeous (especially later releases in its lifetime). FREE MONEY: The average household has $265 worth of old gadgets. Find Trade In & Cash Value ›, Find Current Trade In Offers for Your PS3 @ Flipsy, Selling A PlayStation 3? Well, the answer to that is: it depends. There’s another method with webman MOD, but that’s a bit risky. Is a ps3 worth owning in 2020? How much is a Ps2 like new conditions worth? Or – even better – The Last of Us Post-Pandemic special edition worth $1500? The benefits it provides you and your PS3 are good, and I cannot praise HEN enough. 4 had alot of moments where I play for maybe 5 minutes and then maybe a hour worth of cutscenes. As always, these are all my opinions, so if you […]. [PS3] I've been recently playing MGS5 on PS4 and really want to play the older games. It’s great for PS3 exclusives and games that are well optimised/less demanding. In 2018, Sony launched Playstation 4 and no wonder it became a massive hit all over the world. Wondering how much a PS3 is worth? It’s an awesome multimedia system with movian, and the game library is awesome. I came to the conclusions that it was, and a lot of you seemed to agree. While the PS3 definitely isn’t the smallest console in the world, it isn’t the largest either (especially with the Super Slim model) and can easily fit under most peoples TV. Looking at $100….if interested let me know. I dont support the idea of being a fanboy but Xbox definitely won that generation. The PS3 makes for a great cheap bluray player. Do you know what it is the PlayStation net worth in 2020? HI @Demian the slime version as article says. Note: Consoles vary in hard drive storage. (or near). The benefits it provides you and your PS3 are good, and I cannot praise HEN enough. I am now playing Yakuza Dead Souls and FF XIII. Then in 2004, its slim variant came and it also sold nicely. We get affiliate commissions for completed purchases. Do you know what it is the PlayStation net worth in 2020? The power and eject buttons are nothing special, and overall the console can look quite sleek depending on where you put it. Note: Consoles vary in hard drive storage. Higher-capacity editions can command higher prices as well. I’d add that many games at the time were ps3/360 exclusives, and most of them never saw a pc/HD porting, plus the ps3 is the only console afaik that uses 3D in many games, like the ps2 HD trilogies (Prince of Persia, Ratchet, Jak, Sly..) or the PSP Remaster emulator, it has plenty of singleplayer/multiplayer good exclusives and the phat supports ps2 games too, it’s a very very good console, if you haven’t one already, make yourself a favor and buy one, used ones can be found at very cheap prices and it absolutely worths. I am sure that a fully CFW/Rebug Ps3 is much better, but my PHAT PS3 died on me before I could get the chance to try it out. You can’t play it anywhere else. What’s an iPad worth? This article has been and will continue to be updated to reflect current rates, but prices can fluctuate. I just loaded a game, and got a bottle of coke or something. More posts from the ShouldIbuythisgame community, Continue browsing in r/ShouldIbuythisgame, Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? – Mod builds upon previous work for best results! However, there are many gaming consoles available but the top three are always PlayStation (Sony), Xbox (Microsoft), and Nintendo. Is the PS3 worth owning today? Is a ps3 worth owning in 2020? Considering the fact that, with a PS2, you need an External SATA Hard Drive (Don’t quote me on that), and on the PS4 you need a specific firmware version to hack it, the PS3 is a great choice for people that are looking for an easy way to get into the scene. Mine is CFw’d and I’ve replaced the HDD with an SSD. So, PS3 yet remains in a good standpoint which I expect to lower in the next 5 years when PCs will be even stronger in emulating this black beast of a console. Find the latest PlayStation 3 games, accessories and hardware bundles It’s a great experience, and with the addition of so many options for tweaking HEN (including Custom Themes), it really shows you just how much a PS3 was capable of doing. Hey Mary, thanks for the question! Rise about the rest, being the first means jack if you can’t back it up with compitentcy. It sold over 80 million units worldwide and gave a tough competition to Microsoft’s X Box. Firstly, Are you serious?! Generally speaking (but not always), larger hard drives will command more money, and less storage will accompany lower asking prices. To me, it’s definitely worth it. Amazon and eBay average used prices. That's including the PS4/X1. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. So now you just have to wait for a little to get a better gaming experience. Installation of HEN is really easy as well as it uses the browser almost exclusively (near the end you have to enter remote play to finish installing it), and it takes less than 10 minutes. As an adult, I have paired my lifetime of knowledge along with a ton of research to try and collect all of the consoles and games I had growing up. But with all of the different models – standard PS3, PS3 Slim, and even the PS3 Super Slim – it might be a bit difficult to discern how much the console is actually selling for. You are thinking about buying PS3 in 2020 whose production is now stopped. Condition has a major influence on value, as most buyers prefer working consoles with minimal cosmetic damage (though some buyers, particularly those that refurbish gaming systems, will buy damaged and non-working consoles). got to back up everything on a SLOW usb HDD. Like the author, I was X360 player but the Slim cames to my hands and got me. I can run game backups from my internal storage or a Hard Drive and I have backed up and played many different types of disc from my PS3’s internal hard-drive using MultiMAN. Who hired you? I recently got my hands on a HEN-Enabled PS3 Slim (Unfortunately, not the full CFW model) which gave me the idea to write this. Yes the playstation 3 is still awesome in 2020. Absolutely. I don't have any other games in mind that I want to play other than MGS so I couldn't decide. This is not true. Hacking works on all versions of the System Software (as of writing), so it is well worth it to try it out if you have the time. As you know that Sony also makes a lot of other electronics but the PlayStation division of Sony has always remained profitable. The PS3 is now fully hackable, and there’s enough great games on it to last a lifetime (certainly if you play as rarely as I do). PlayStation 2 was launched on 4 March 2000 and it was reported that Sony sold more than 155 units of this variant. I swear, in today’s society, everyone’s so quick to get it done and get it up to claim “first” that they forget that they’re supposed to be a professional, otherwise anyone could write and post, I don’t know, maybe in today’s world the professional writer is out where you can self publish, but even that’s no excuse. 526168149. As far as I’m concerned they never banned any Vita hackers on PSN. 98.1k members in the PS3 community. I think what you may be referring to is a patent that shows an ability to play games from all Playstation system through Playstation Now the OP has already stated that they can't use that service so they would only be able to play PS4 games. That being said, expect to see new PS3 units going for hundreds of dollars (if not more) on retail sites like Amazon and eBay.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'retrogamebuyer_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',106,'0','0'])); (Please note: Prices and information below are accurate as of October 22, 2020. Required fields are marked *. It lets me run the majority of my favorite homebrew applications, including webMAN/MultiMAN. – whenever I see one going for £20 (US$25 equivalent, I buy it and add it to the pile). Learn more about selling pro gaming controllers. before the network adaptor went out i was planning on backing it up over to newer modded ps3 slim i have over gigabyte Ethernet. -, Latest entries on our Smart TV dedicated sister site, Mi Box Oreo and Kodi, how to fix External HDD issue (NTFS/ExFat). Emulation: mGBA 0.8.4 released with more accurate emulation, fixes to the 3DS port and much more stuff! The popularity of Playstation has remained the same over the years but there are some years when Playstation showed amazing growth and made heavy profits. Dude, the PS3 isn't just worth getting, is the best console available right now, lol. A PS3 Uncharted 3 bundle can be worth $170, for example. Playstation Net Worth. That said, pricing between different hard drives usually varies by only $10-$20.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'retrogamebuyer_com-box-4','ezslot_11',107,'0','0'])); The eBay pricings above are calculated using the retailer’s data of units sold within two months previous to when this article was last updated (October 22, 2020). While I’ve had a ps3, Xbox 360, ps4 pro and xboxx i can tell you that ps has had an easy and fast ui. if you’re willing to put in the money, i’d recommend just waiting for the ps5. The ps3 and xbox360 on the other hand, Xbox won for me. Anonymous 09/26/20(Sat)00:42:52 No. I have ps3 after 10 years I start to play game black ops and ps3 didn’t save my game profile online what should I do, You should check your PSN account online from Sony’s PSN website. (no i’m not a racing nut). Generally speaking (but not always), larger hard drives will command more money, and less storage will accompany lower asking prices. Although PlayStation 4 has been released and has eclipsed the reign of PS3 in recent times, it is still worth looking at the gaming console. However, it has one of the best controllers ever, despite its horrendously sensitive triggers, titles with insanely good graphics and sound (FFXIII, MGS V, GoW III and Ascension, P5 are but a few) that are complete in their experience – no DLCs clusterfudge and scamming XP.