There also is a thorough code of ethics for spiritual teachers here. In the case of an Advaita or nondual spiritual teacher, the teacher or mentor is pointing to the most fundamental qualities of the student’s already existing nature, specifically, the qualities of oneness, awareness, and emptiness. Among Jains, they are called Sadhus (monks) or Sadhvis (nuns). Yes, ultimately "nothing matters." The disciples of the pretenders either immediately or eventually feel, not empowered, but exploited for the gain of the pretender. Yes, on the absolute level, everyone is nothing but Atman/Brahman, pure Saccidananda Being-Awareness-Bliss, and everything that happens is, on the highest level of understanding, nothing but Lila, Divine play or sport (Lord Krishna to Arjuna: "No one slays, no one is slain."). A spiritual teacher could be any person we recognize and know and have a relationship with this person that is for a period of time or a lifetime. One of the classic rationalizations, remember, that the pretender and the cronies chronically deploy, especially when the flaws of the pretender are being exposed, is the idea that “nothing is really wrong,” that his lack of freedom, as reflected in the exploitative behavior, is somehow “perfect,” “Divinely willed,” “part of the Divine dream,” therefore “not a problem.” Unfortunately, this rationalization is easily available to pretenders who labor in the field of mystical nondual spirituality, because nondual traditions usually articulate quite clearly this Absolute level of truth, the paramarthika satya, over the conventional or relative level of phenomenal truth, the samvriti or vyavaharika satya. A spiritual teacher can only be considered a friend in the highest regard because s/he is helping you to find the deepest and purest truth within you. ~ Rev. William Hi Jeff. Any residual arising samskaric tendencies of likes and dislikes (raga and dvesha) are simply noticed, "seen off" and not acted upon, especially when acting out these tendencies might harm a student, if only by confusing the student with what is appropriate and inappropriate. The true spiritual teacher is here simply to serve your own recognition of your true nature. “When we’re working on it [our Life Purpose], all aspects of our lives become healed.” When we’re not, “there’s a chronic low-level sense of anxiety because we subconsciously know that we’re missing the mark … Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others and be emotionally rewarding … These oracle cards were designed to help you identify your specific life purpose.” – How to Work with the Life Purpose Oracle Cards, from the Life Purpose Oracle Cards Guidebook. :). Yes, there is only the nondual One Awareness, right HERE, right NOW. A 'Cult Leader' tells you what to believe. spiritual teacher A person with the role and responsibility to teach a human being or universal being what is accurate and specific to know, learn and understand on a spiritual level to contribute to their soul agreement, soul purpose or spiritual evolution. They are: Each of these three are further divided into three more ways. Bear They never eat or drink before sunrise or after sunset. Many naive folks are misled by this. They will purport to have the power to “heal” all your issues and provide you with the “one true path” towards enlightenment, illumination, self-realization or Oneness . Jesus is alleged to have said, "By their fruits ye shall know them: a good tree produces good fruits, a rotten tree gives rotten fruit." The picture on the card reflects a person who is full of knowledge and wisdom; it suggest an old soul with experience in many different traditions and belief systems. These two essays here can be found embedded in my very long webpage discussion of dear Ramesh. Once they get used to this life of detachment, they will decide to become Sadhu or Sadhvi. As when you reach mastery you won't want to teach anymore? A student can have a broad knowledge of spiritual principles, and yet can still not have truly recognized those principles as being inherent in his or her own being. So spiritual teachers or mentors may teach a lot or they may not teach anything, depending on what the student needs in that moment to experience this deeper recognition of their own true nature. Some take this fundamental truth of our nature to mean that there can be no such thing as a teacher or mentor, or a student for that matter. Even charging anyone $10-$15 for a 2 hour satsang is outlandish. Donations might be allowed, but no charging of fees. Learn about how to realize spiritual freedom. It’s not necessary. People like us who are ignorant of the real truth and are involved in worldly aspects can get religious advice from these monks and nuns. We truly appreciate your support. We should try to follow the example set by sadhus and sadhvis. (Satya), 4) I will not indulge in any sexual activities. I've never had to charge a dime for any advaita understanding I've ever shared in satsangs (which I've been holding on and off since 1990), even when there were times of great financial challenges due to my wife's health and disability issues. Digambar monks eat and drink only once a day and from only one house. It is has become quite common for persons identified with and invested in their particular guru (pseudo-guru) to rationalize their guru's indecent, unethical, abusive behavior by pathetically confusing the Absolute level with the conventional level. Svetambar monks keep a set of wooden bowls to accept food in. Roger Lawrence passed away on December 1st, 2017. The pretender, in short, functions as a taker, not a giver. It's unfortunate, but false spiritual teachers do exist in the world. One must genuinely LIVE the liberated state.