Once you have started your training within GP surgeries, it is the practice’s maternity policy which applies. To use the calculator, edit the values in the blank spaces. Calculate an employee’s maternity pay (SMP), paternity or adoption pay, relevant period and average weekly earnings Maternity, Adoption and paternity calculator for employers - … Paternity leave for doctors This page explains your rights to paternity leave as a new father. Secondly, remember that you can claim tax relief on professional fees and subscriptions. The British Medical Association has a maternity calculator which can help you work out what maternity pay you could be entitled to. Whilst training in hospital posts, your maternity pay entitlements are the same as above. All prescriptions and NHS dental treatment are free while you're pregnant and for 12 months after your baby's due date. However, there is a no detriment clause in the proposed agreement meaning that no member of staff will lose out compared to existing arrangements. Additional earnings linked to basic pay, such as unsocial hours and high cost area supplements, will also increase in value throughout the course of the deal but are not shown here. Figures have been provided by NHS Employers and the Department of Health and Social Care. No maternity or marriage adjustments in salary, tax or national insurance. “Vanilla” version 1.2 (Apr 2020) assumptions: No adjustment for Less Than Full Time trainees (LTFT) yet. A summary of the correct annual and monthly payments and deductions for your schedule will appear on the right. You can check your eligibility and estimate how much you may be rewarded on the HM Revenues and Customs website. Read our guidance about maternity entitlements for doctors on NHS contracts with national terms and conditions, and doctors outside the NHS scheme. Salary levels and earnings changes will be different for staff working less than full time. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. HM Revenue and Customs http://www.hmrc.gov.uk, NHS Business Services Authority: NHS Scheme http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Documents/NHSBSACorporatePoliciesandProcedures/Maternity_Leave_Policy.pdf, British Medical Association: Maternity Leave Calculator http://bma.org.uk/practical-support-at-work/working-parents/maternity-leave-calculator, Women’s Medical Federation http://www.medicalwomensfederation.org.uk. To apply you need to order a form and this can take up to 2 weeks to arrive. You should automatically get a MAT B1 certificate signed by your midwife or GP when you are 20 weeks pregnant – if not, ask for one! The average earnings also include any bandings or supplements you received for those 8 weeks, so this may be different if you change rotations with different banding weighting. When JuniorDr’s Sophie Emesih became pregnant as a junior doctor she found it difficult and time consuming to find all the information she needed regarding maternity financial issues. Monthly staff car parking charges and junior doctor mess fees soon add up when you’re on maternity leave for a year, so make sure you inform payroll/security that you would like these to stop from ‘x’ month. You can claim it by filling in a P87 form which can be found on the HM Revenue and Customs website. Include in your letter/email that you are pregnant, the EWC/due date, that you would like to take maternity leave, and the dates which you would like your maternity leave to start and when you wish to return (the latter can be changed later so long as you give your employer 28 days notice). You can, however, ask your HR department to annualise your maternity pay – evening it out over the whole 52 weeks so you always have some income. if your baby is due on Wednesday 2nd July, the expected week of childbirth starts on Sunday 29th June. Having a baby can be a wonderful yet stressful time, especially as a junior doctor rotating through different specialities, changing trusts and even moving to different parts of the country. You can also have a look at some of our suggested resources for budgeting and financial planning. Most importantly enjoy that precious time with your little one! 18 Weeks Half Pay Plus Statutory Maternity Pay (£151.20) 13 Weeks Statutory Maternity Pay (£151.20) 13 Weeks Unpaid. The calculator shows changes to basic pay. If your contract is with a NHS trust then your entitlements are the same as if you are working within the hospital, however, if your contract is with the University you will need to contact the HR department of the University to enquire about their maternity policy. Hand this certificate to your HR department as evidence of your pregnancy and so you can claim maternity pay. Pay calculator based on T&Cs and Pay & Conditions Circular published in August 2019. Claiming child benefit can help you gain national insurance credits for your state pension as well as help make sure your baby gets a national insurance number, so it’s worth looking into. To be entitled to maternity pay under the NHS scheme you must have been in continuous employment with the NHS for 12 months. Maternity leave calculator Our maternity leave calculator is for members across the UK. The form is completed online via the HM Revenues and Customs website. The amount you could be entitled to varies depending on a number of factors. Use our NHS Maternity Pay Calculator to see your monthly take home pay while on maternity leave. There are two issues surrounding these. Firstly, check to see if you can freeze your memberships or if they have a reduced maternity fee and definitely inform them of your maternity leave. Amounts are now up to date as of 1st April 2020, so may be slightly different from other sources found online. What to consider when taking out a personal loan, Keeping your finances healthy for 2013 and beyond, Setting up a national workshop as an anaesthetic trainee. Want to know what your take home pay will be while on Maternity Leave from the NHS? If neither of these applies you may be able to claim maternity allowance via the Benefit Agency/Jobcentre. The numbers of staff on each pay point changes constantly as staff join and leave the workforce. If you are returning to a different trust after your maternity leave, make sure the payroll department is aware of when you will be taking your accrued leave – as it can be difficult to organise once they’ve done your P45. The calculator shows changes to basic pay. Calculation of maternity pay. You can download the full individual journey figures of the proposals here. If you plan on taking all 52 weeks of maternity leave, approximately the last three months will be unpaid. It’s also worth contacting your deanery and checking how your maternity leave and return to work dates have affected your training. Whilst on maternity leave you accrue holiday, so find out from your HR department if there are any restrictions/preferences on how you take it and then inform payroll. End of life for the Liverpool Care Pathway? If you haven’t been employed with the NHS for 12 continuous months but you have worked for the same employer for 26 weeks by the 15th week before the EWC you can still get maternity pay (6 weeks at 90% of your average weekly earnings, 33 weeks of SMP and 13 weeks unpaid leave). This entitles you to 8 weeks pay at 100% average weekly earnings, 18 weeks of half pay and statutory maternity pay (SMP), 13 weeks of … It works out your Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and NHS Occupational Maternity Pay and provides a monthly net pay amount after deducting your tax, pension contributions and student loan. Your maternity entitlements depend upon who your contract is with. It is also useful for prospective medical students and doctors to get an idea of what a junior doctor’s take-home salary is actually like. The claim can only be backdated one month from the date of the application, so order, complete and send the form as soon as possible. Made with ❤️ in the UK. Congratulations on your new arrival! Get Fresh – starting medical school guide, http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Documents/NHSBSACorporatePoliciesandProcedures/Maternity_Leave_Policy.pdf, http://bma.org.uk/practical-support-at-work/working-parents/maternity-leave-calculator, http://www.medicalwomensfederation.org.uk, Visa Reforms Threaten Junior Doctor Training, One in four doctors feel undermined at work.