Martin Kim (verified owner) – 2020-09-13, Nelson Chau (verified owner) – 2020-09-19. Crab that are below the legal minimum size (i.e. Shell pale yellow to light brown in colour with visible hairs. In some cases, blackspot of the shell can cause the underlying white meat to be discoloured. Interestingly, the brown shell only turns red when cooked… just like a lobster! Guidelines for vivier transport are as follows: - Keeping the crab in storage in the vivier tanks aboard the vessel until ready for transportation; - Running seawater down through the stack of boxes; - Running seawater through reception tanks; - Using reception tanks with a seawater circulation system. Processors now offer a range of fresh and frozen crab products, particularly crab claws, extracted meat and whole, vacuum packed, pasteurized crab. Poor handling and grading of crab on the fishing vessel, can result in increased mortality during the transport process. a carapace width of 130 mm south of 56 oN and 140 mm north of 56 oN); Soft-shelled brown crab: Crab grow by replacing their shell, which is referred to as moulting. Source Natural Store should be recommended for your friends. Simply steaming is delicious. Our mission is to create a new trendy seafood online ordering concept in providing the world's finest, freshest, healthiest and highest quality live seafood directly at your door or favourite restaurants. The transport conditions and documents required for vivier transport are contained in European legislation (i.e. After they have been caught, the crab are held at sea for 24 hours before they are they transported to our vivier tanks. panels and rings on their pots to prevent ghost fishing (when lost pots continue to capture and kill species) and to reduce bycatch. May order a larger size next time. The crab was still alive when it arrived. Steamed with beer for 20 minutes and tasted absolutely great. This is a sustainable and environmentally friendly form of fishing which has a minimal impact on the surrounding marine environment. After steaming, the meat is firm and the crab paste is much. Even short-term exposure to wind and low humidity, can lead to gill damage. The delivery man was also very friendly and greeted me with a smile, delivery was fast and arrived earlier than expected. Although losses in transport or in storage may not occur for a number of days or weeks, the cause of death in many crabs can often be traced to poor handling or storage conditions on the vessel. Live Alaskan King Crab is known for its health benefits, with a class of polyunsaturated fatty acids, often found in seafood: Omega 3 fatty acids, that help reduce risk factors for heart disease, including high cholesterol and hypertension. It is beyond sublime! These conditions are made worse by any crab that die in the tank. The brown crab are caught alive in creels/pots located on the seabed and baited with food. There is an increased risk of damage to the gills and stress to the crab when it is out of water, particularly if humidity is low and the air temperature is high. Hoi Yi Wong (verified owner) – 2020-05-11. EU Council Regulation (EC) 853/2004 Laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin and Council Regulation (EEC) 2847/93 Establishing a control system applicable to the common fisheries policy). Office 2.5 Kirkhill House Business Park In areas of poor quality seawater, air is pumped into the tank through the blue pipes (b), which are normally under the removable floor grating (c). Note: The quality and content of white meat over the course of the year is based on the scientific analyses of blood protein content of female crab, from a number of Irish locations 1. Tanks should be cleaned between fishing trips and inspected for damage; There will be a trade off between the length of the trip and the number of dead crab in the tanks. The following table and photographs provide guidelines for determining the expected meat yield based on the appearance of the crab: When crab are removed from the water, their ability to take up oxygen is much reduced and they cannot excrete waste products. Cyrus Pok Chiu Tong (verified owner) – 2020-03-16. Our live Alaskan King crab come in various sizes, Order your Live King Crab today!!! First time ordered king crab I ordered 3kg(medium size) Enough big for 5-6ppl sharing The crab was alive, super fresh!! 3). Terms of Use Meat quality and yield is highest during autumn and spring and lowest during the summer months. The hardness of the shell can be checked by holding the crab on its back and pressing either side of the mouthparts with the thumbs; The underside of the claws are cream in colour. The main fishing zones for brown crab are the western coasts of the North Atlantic, from Scandinavia to Morocco and particularly around the Irish coast. taste really good. This section will help the user to identify female crab with a high meat yield. Such permanent control ensures the best quality of King Crabs’ growing waters are inaccessible and unaffected by pollution, so they are particularly fresh and tender. Below is a detailed map of the main habitat areas. This ancestry is supported by several anatomical peculiarities which are present only in king crabs and hermit crabs.