. On an average day, I can be seen running from my responsibilities. See more ideas about Outfits, Korean fashion, Korean outfits. Here the woman has matched her dress with a shirt. Wear a light knitted sweater or jean jacket. Shocking, isn’t it? If you are lost on what to pack for your upcoming trip to Korea, read this blog and you will get an idea of what to expect. I have a Bachelor's degree in computer sciences. If you are visiting from a place with a warmer climate, you might find Korea chilly, so bring lots of thin layer shirts and cardigans, so that you can adjust your clothing according to the temperature. Aren’t the kids looking so cute in their outfits? I am enthusiastic about books, sewing, and art in general. Guide for packing your suitcase with proper clothes and layers by season! The best time to enjoy Korea's fall foliage season is from mid-September to the end of October. In September, you will experience a very large temperature difference between day and night. Seen in various colors and tones, the print can go with almost anything, simple black outfits, or different colored ones. Paired merely with black jeans and a plain shirt, this style accentuates the simplistic beauty of the coat. We love them! Instead of bundling up and wearing heavy jackets, most of the people wear light-weight coats, cardigans, or long-sleeved jackets which are more suitable to transition between seasons. The temperature falls below 0°C. The Spring season officially starts in May in Korea. Loose fitted pants and coat with quirky doodles and cartoons: check. I blog unprofessionally from time to time. Want to give an illusion of a slim waist? Wearing vertical striped dress will make you appear slimmer while horizontally striped outfit will make you look a bit taller and leaner. Swaggy grandfather, aren’t he? Their television, films, music, and other cultural aspects are admired by millions of people from around the globe. Plastic or vinyl clothing in the form of jackets, skirts, and shirts, sometimes transparent and sometimes in color, like here, is becoming popular. After mid-October, the temperature decreases below zero. Summer of 2018 was one of the hottest summers in Korean history, which marked 39°C in Seoul, and 47°C for the highest average temperature. Be it for couch potatoes or for funky makeup junkies, Korean fashion is the next big thing in the world of street style and runway vogue. Korean winter is more humid compared to winter in North America; the temperature might not be as low as your home country, but the cold with humidity may freeze you up in your bones! Crossbody bags are also fashionable. South Korean fashion has been known for readily accepting Western influences but turning those trends entirely into their own unique thing. Hanbok is classified according to its purposes: everyday dress, ceremonial dress, and special dress. We love the long sleek heels already. A Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress worn by both men and women, which was worn daily up until 100 years ago. These people aren’t afraid of experimentation, and they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s not possible. Let's take a look at the recent weather in Korea. The top supplying country or region is South Korea, which supply 100% of winter clothes respectively. July and August are the hottest months in Korea; it's way too hot and humid. There is a significant difference between before and after the rainy season. In November, the ginkgo and maple leaves start to fall. Ceremonial dresses are worn on formal occasions, including a child’s first birthday, a wedding, or a funeral. After the rainy season, both temperature and humidity go up dramatically. Looking to give a funky touch to your monotonous wardrobe? I hate feeling useless and have therefore found a variety of hobbies to keep me occupied. The attached photos above show how people usually dress up in March. If you want to get an idea about what Korean fashion is like, pay attention to this attire. There’s no reason for winter outfits to be subdued or muted in color. Striped pants, jackets, dresses, and skirts are all in fashion. Paired with matching trousers and a silk shirt, this beige ensemble is one of the sleekest and crispiest yet.