Provenance: Lantien Shanfang Collection, acquired in Hong Kong in 1992 : 2709 In form, a cong is a straight tube with a circular bore and square outer section with more or less convex sides. Another notable lot is a celadon jade toothed animal mask ornament that formerly belonged to Lantien Shanfang Collection. Material: Hetian Jade. Feature: “Jade Cong”(1*) , Jade Belt Yishui Inkstone (2*), size 19.5x19.5x12cm, ancient Chinese sculpture art (3*), handmade. 1). Yellowish-white, with a purple spot, this Cong shapes like a short square cylinder, round inside and square outside, with round faces at the upper and lower end. Provenance: Lantien Shanfang Collection, acquired in Hong Kong in 1993 A celadon jade toothed animal mask ornament, Hongshan Culture, will be offered at Christie’s Hong Kong this autumn, A green jade toothed animal mask ornament from the late Hongshan Culture was sold for HK$10.9m at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn sale in 2017. 1 at Shedunmiao site, Haining, Zhejiang province. Provenance: Lantien Shanfang Collection, acquired in Hong Kong in 1992 1). Covered with some light ochre earth encrustations, the vessel has some minor wear on two of the edge with alterations in chicken-bone white colour. Historically, it goes back to the Warring States Period and was at its peak in the Tang and Song Dynasties. One interpretation is that the cong symbolises earth, while the bi disc symbolises heaven. Statue of Vishnu. According to “Rites of Zhou” records, “Blue Jade Bi to worship the heaven, Yellow Jade Cong to worship the earth.” Jade Cong is an object used in ritual sacrifices to God of Earth . The double circles drilled by tubular tools. Featuring jade available for buying right now on the internet. Cong. Also came from Hongshan culture, the stone is carved and pierced in the form of an animal mask. As with the bi disc, the purpose of the cong tube is not entirely clear, although cong are thought to have had a ceremonial and possibly also a protective function. It is decorated with arched brows, and circular eyes. This Jade Cong weighs about 6,500 grams, wide and huge in size, and has a unique rich decoration pattern. Due to the complexity of the topic this manuscript only can be seen informative and doesn't lift up any claim of completeness. The nose is similarly carved using shallow relief much like that on the humanoid-deity mask. A three-tiered cong like the present example comprising one humanoid-deity and animal combined mask with an additional humanoid-deity mask are remarkably rare. A double-tier cong was sold for HK$21.7m in Bonhams' 2018 spring auction in Hong Kong. The humanoid-deity mask incised on the third tier is identical to that on the first tier. There are a number of relatively large cong in Asia and the West. The corners of the eyes are incised with additional triangular elements. This impressive jade cong is one of the most exquisite examples of its kind. Sale date: [4] Three examples of similar size and carved into six sections are respectively in the collections of the National Palace Museum, Taipei,[5] the Changshu Museum,[6] and the Liangzhu Culture Museum. China, Neolithic period, Liangzhu culture, c. 3000 – 2000 BC, Height: 6 inches, 15.3 cm The inkstone is considered to be the soul and core of a scholar’s room. At the time, every time when a good harvest, or memorial day, they held a grand sacrificial ceremony. Width: 3 inches, 7.5 cm. Liangzhu Culture is rich in jade artifacts and is recently discovered to be a possible major Dynasty before currently known earliest Xia Dynasty. Although generally considered to be a ritual object of some sort, the original function and meaning of the cong are unknown. Carvings of human faces form an important category among jades from the Shijiahe Culture, but are more often represented on flat rectangular surfaces. Each of the five sections presents a face at each of the four corners: in this instance, ridges represent both the headbands and the nose clearly, while the concentric circles symbolise the eyes. This piece was excavated from tomb no. Have a post about China? The manner of manufacturing of the CONG, as size, type of jade, the ornamentation and colour, was representing the social status of a person, family or group in the state or community. Flashcards. Last but not least, we would like to introduce a yellow jade carving of a head from Shijiahe Culture, circa 2500-2000 BC. The first inkstone was nothing but a pigment mortar composed of a grinding surface and a grinding rod. Some scholars believe that the ‘pig-dragon’ jade was a creation combing the mythical and religious beliefs from the period. [7], TEFAF Maastricht 2020 – Chinese and Asian Art, 003 Jade bi disc with ‘rice-grain’ pattern. History. Height: 11.4 cm Shop. Nike Tech Pack High Density M65 Jacket Jade Stone/black Mens Sizexs Bv4430-371 . Hongshan Culture, Circa 4000-3000 BC, Lot no. The use and symbolism on the CONGS surely will regionally have been very various. It is extremely rare to see a three-tiered jade cong of such quality so it is very likely that this cong will be sold for a price far exceeding its estimate between HK$5m-8m. Highlights from The Chang Wei-Hwa Collection of Archaic Jades, An Extremely Rare Three-Tiered Jade Cong ), lower Yangzi River Valley. It is square outside and round inside, with a middle hole. Jade Cong King | by {link:}Jake Ji{/link}, Name: Jade Cong King | 中文名: 玉琮王 Most of the cong from the early Liangzhu Culture have one of the following configurations: single-tier (one humanoid-deity mask), double-tier (one humanoid-deity and animal combined mask), or four-tier (two humanoid-deity and animal combined masks). Sale: The Chang Wei-Hwa Collection of Archaic Jades, Part I - Neolithic Period Other than being smaller in size, this jade cong is nearly identical to the previous example discovered at the Fanshan Site. The third example is the jade cong excavated at the Yaoshan Site in Yuhang, Zhejiang (No. Every CONG has a round centred drilling, which symbolically will represent the access channel or connection for human to the sky. The outer circles of the eyes are drilled using tubular tools, while the inner circles are incised. Scholars hold different views regarding the purpose and the symbolic meaning of cong. The stone is semi-translucent in a few areas. The jade carving of a ‘pig-dragon’ could fetch between HK$3m-5m. Estimate: HK$5,000,000 - 8,000,000, A Jade Four-Tiered Cong According to Rawson, these pieces may all have come from one or two large tombs discovered in the late 19th or early 20th century. Liangzhu ancestors would use this Jade Cong to communicate with heaven and earth gods. The complete list is here. Estimate: HK$3,000,000 - 5,000,000, A Celadon Jade Toothed Animal Mask Ornament A term of ancient Chinese jade artifact. So Jade Cong is religious object of the Liangzhu people. 27 November 2019|10:30am. According to archaeological reports, only four such three-tiered Liangzhu jade cong have been discovered to date. It is the best Jade artifact of Liangzhu culture. The square form shall represent the corners of the earth, symbolized by the elements waters, fire, metal and wood. Feature: “Jade Cong”(1*) , Jade Belt Yishui Inkstone (2*), size 19.5x19.5x12cm, ancient Chinese sculpture art (3*), handmade. Let’s take a look at some highlights from the collection. For more information, visit Ink and Stone. See, for example, the jade cong, dating to the Neolithic period, Liangzhu Culture, in the Nanjing Museum, included in the exhibition, ... A number of Longquan celadon cong-form vases of this design and size are published, including several in renowned museum collections. The square represents the earth and a circle represents the heavens. 故玉2038. Xu Shen (Han Dynasty) noted in his “Shuo Wen Jie Zi” (the earliest Chinese dictionary): “Cong, fine jade, about eight inches in size.” This is the earliest definition of Cong. (lanzon stela) A sculpture representing a deity. Dated to:3,300~2,250B.C., Neolithic Period | Culture: Liangzhu Culture Unearthed: [email protected] #12, Fanshan, Yuhang, Zhejiang | Current Location: Zhejiang Museum Provenance: Jinhuatang Collection, acquired in Hong Kong in 1997 Width: 12.6 cm Let’s take this Jade Cong of Liangzhu culture as an example. [1] They inherited their skills and traditions from the Dawenkou and Hongshan people. In Gu, Fang ed. ), are many of these CONGS, although decorated with neolithic LIANG ZHU ornaments, manufactured in the HAN DYNASTY (ca. Which artwork is culturally parallel to Shiva as Lord of Dance? They are rich in subject matter and diversified in style, presenting strong and vivid flavor of the country as well as the age. Below the headdress are the facial features of the mask with the double-circles representing the eyes. It was later also used in ceramics. The shape continued to be used in ceramic and metalwork for centuries.[3]. They are not accustomed to the surface work or the details, but stress on the feeling and artistic conception implied by the imagination-triggering image, which is able to lead people to another artistic world. In form, a cong is a tube with a circular inner section and squarish outer section. Learn. : 2724 Match. The ancient Chinese sculptures are also full of expressionistic spirit. The inkstone is the most important treasure of the study. The outer faces are sometimes decorated with mask-like faces, which may be related to the taotie designs found on later bronze vessels.