How you could possibly take a name like that and say hmmmmm super hero is a joke. Ends up being Hyperion & Sentry vs. Superman. New … Archived. Donno who Hyperion and Sentry are, but Homelander has no weaknesses, while Superman does, so he wins. is a property of Mandatory, an Evolve Media, LLC company. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hyperion, Sentry, Blue Marvel and Gladiator vs. Sun dipped Superman. Hyperion VS Superman (CBVS#2 HD Remake) - YouTube. "Supreme is the creation of Rob Liefield. ). Just because he can beat the void doesn't mean much because it's just beating his own mind. Ends up being Hyperion & Sentry vs. Superman. It seems like the Alan moore version and the Liefield version are completly different. Team Superman vs Team Thor. Who wins? Jonathan Hickman's Hyperion should win against Superman. Hulk shouldn't have hurt anyone with that kind of power that would put him not only above Superman and WWH but put him in leagues of Infinity gauntlet Thanos. ", Pic: Kingdom Superman vs Homelander and Brightnurn. I've gotta see what other people r sayin about supes vs pretend supes! Sentry and Hyperion vs SupermanWho wins? 11 years ago. Hyperion vs Shazam. I'm refering to turd burglars like hyperion,sentry,supreme(that prime)ect. At the same time seems like a mismatch so I'm gonna assume you mean 1-on-1. We have seen Hyperion/thor plenty of times and it always seems even, but sentry is alledgedly more powerful than Thor (note word allegedly), and is probably the most powerful hero in the MU. Well he did apparently fight galactus to a standstill, and he is the only hero who can stand up to the void, who dismantled hulk like he was northstar. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); 2019 All Rights Reserved. 12. Hyperion vs Blue Marvel. best. 32 comments. So an admission by his own writer that he's not the strongest, but they keep granting him feats that outdo anything another character ever achieves. Wiki. Thor vs Hyperion. Your looking at the cosmetics, super strength, flying, energy blasting, but honestly that's about it. Hyperion or Sentry wouldn't put up with Homelander. RELATED: 10 Most Powerful Multiverse Versions Of Superman. Characters; Creators; Teams; Volumes; Issues; ... Sentry and Hyperion vs Superman. My Top 5 Games - FFX, Halo 3, Quake 2 (Rocket Arena 2), Oblivion, Fallout 3. @green_skaar: that's not a good comparison. You can use the Search button at the top of the page to search for topics with certain characters in them - "Supreme vs. Superman" and so on. Team 1, but Sentry, Hyperion and Gladiator will not give up easily. Dankschen! save hide report. If Martian Manhunter can take down Hyperion as easily as it looks like he did...than Superman will rip him apart faster than speeding bullet. 98% Upvoted. Supes will beat Hyperion it won't be a complete murder but he will win for sure. I know I know, it's a vs thread but bare with me.. Is this traditional Hyperion, or Supreme Power Hyperion ? This thread is archived. Heck, the writer for Superman in the late 90's did an interview in Wizard magazine following the Marvel vs. DC series where he said, "Hulk is physically stronger, but Superman has more abilities." Hyperion vs. Sentry., © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 84% Upvoted. This entire fight is really Sentry vs team Supes. lol. save hide report. share. Please dont tell all the other marvel fanboys I sd that thanks : ). Hulk shouldn't have hurt anyone with that kind of power that would put him not only above Superman and WWH but put him in leagues of Infinity gauntlet Thanos. monitoring_string = "afb8e5d7348ab9e99f73cba908f10802", (You must log in or sign up to post here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Which was PIS, how is it Hulk made him bleed in another comic? Thanks for the links. Plus really with a name like Hyperion is like a child that should be on some kind of meds. When I hear/read copies I don't consider alternate versions of Superman himself. Superman’s demons have never really resided within him. Life happens wherever you are, whether you make it or not. They would all end up fighting each other. me think you should use the search functionare you new? Newest Battles with Hyperion. 7 days ago. Superman Vs. Hyperion, Homelander, and Sentry. Just because he can beat the void doesn't mean much because it's just beating his own mind. mejames255. Posted by. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. is there a version of superman that can beat dr manhattan? Team Superboy-Prime vs Team Rune King Thor. They guy held together two universe's with his bare hands. lets see Hyperion is a ripoff and should go away and um Superman is the real deal. Based on feats, Current Sentry has yet to show he is as powerful as Supreme Power Hyperion, IMO. Void Sentry vs. Sun dipped Superman. Gladiator vs. Superman. Hyperion or Sentry wouldn't put up with Homelander. Supreme Powers Hyperion is the coolest Hyperion by far. 4 months ago. Comics- Superman would come up with a way to stop his kryptonite weakness and stomp everyone with the help of either an obscure character or Batman. I read both forums,1 was people just saying one or the other(no real explanations) The second made more sense,but the facts were debatable. Which Hyperion we talking about? Team Thor vs Team Superman. Supreme started out as a poorly developed and defined character based loosely on Superman." Others are stupidly OP. Hyperion and Sentry would probably beat him. Hyperion or Sentry could potentially take it themselves. I'm refering to turd burglars like hyperion,sentry,supreme(that prime)ect. KHolidae. Hyperion vs. Sentry. Superman stomps just about all of his knockoffs. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Homelander is a nonfactor and is an ant compared to the others. Hyperion is just a boot leg supes he wont win. Hyperion vs Gladiator. Superman vs Hyperion. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Is this at the same time or 1-on-1? If you dissagree start a super man vs his clones forum and lets see what our CV peers think.I don't even like supes like that ,but  the thought of his clones being better than him is loco. He's crazy powerful. 5 years ago. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. share. Close. Because most versions of him are pretty much equal to Superman. Homelander aswell would be a landslide. Sentry’s main antagonist over the years has been the Void, an evil version of the Sentry who resides within his mind. level 1. 22 comments. Follow 938. geraldthesloth. I detest the way he's written (every version), and that DC has to come up with feats that outdo anything anyone else of the super strong variety does in theirs, or any universe. Hyperion vs Sentry. Like the Sentry, the Void has all the same powers and abilities, except he uses them for selfish and evil gain. Doesn't beat them for costume or being interesting, though. I would imagine Sentry would win but I wanted you guys's opinion? Just kidding. Superman, Shazam & Martian Manhunter vs Sentry, Hyperion & Gladiator AegonAzami107. Granted, he still has few feats, but once he does get some more feats, I think a great argument can be made for him beating Superman. This thread is archived. The void thing is a lame comparason because he IS the void. Superman has become the Hulk Hogan of comic books: refuses to let anyone else get over. Sort by. A pin prick can make someone bleed...that's not a great indicator of damage. @wolverine08: Which was PIS, how is it Hulk made him bleed in another comic? Since superman vs hyperion/sentry/thor is never gonna happen most likely in continuity, I thought of the next best thing... Marvel's ''homage'' to Superman, Hyperion, vs Sentry! The Prime Superman from DC One Million works too. The void thing is a lame comparason because he IS the void. u/dread-return. Hyperion vs Thane. Assuming all characters are at standard power levels and the Void isn't involved: I think Sentry narrowly beats Superman, Superman narrowly beats Hyperion and Superman stomps Homelander. No, Supermanboy Prime, you silly person. (Basic math)creation of rob liefield+poor charecter developement+being a clone of superman =ULTIMATE HINDENBERG FAIL! The difference between these two and superman is that superman is bland and boring, Okay, so when are you going to point out the. hyperion wins the better costume contest though. Hulk vs Hyperion. "Oh hey look, it's Vegeta, the son of Trunks. Did Superman identity reveal ever get reconned? Comic Vine; Forums; Superman can beat all his bootlegs/copies/analouges/whatevers. Discussion in 'Marvel Comics' started by Horrorfan, Oct 17, 2006. Due to the speed difference in (sentry just does not give a fuck if you speedblitz him because he can instantly bring himself back from the dead) the teams, Team Superman speedblitz Gladiator, Hyperion, and Blue Marvel 10/10 no contest.