Everything could be done in the kitchen. As always, be sure to exercise caution when handling a knife to avoid injury. Remove and repeat with the other two holes. With all of this additional knowledge, I was ready to begin. After the meat of the coconut is separated from the skin, you’re ready to eat or cook with it. Place the coconut on a cutting board with the top part (looks like a flower attached to the coconut) facing to the inside of the cutting board. Once cracked on both sides, tear the coconut halves apart with your hands or a spoon if you need more leverage. How to Open a Coconut Using the Secret Method Used by Chefs A metal mallet tends to work best for opening the coconut. I also went ahead and tried the coconut water and coconut meat of each coconut. Coconut water is even bottled and sold in stores. When I opened my coconut, I found a thick, garlic-like material instead of water. Seeing them always makes me think that there must be at least one or a few ways to open a coconut. If you've ever had unsweetened shredded coconut, this was exactly it. 3. ", "It was helpful, but we don't have any tools to do that. From most tasty to least delicious, my score for the coconut waters are: The young coconut water was most sweet and smooth. Stick the knife in the seam and give the top of the knife a gentle blowwith the hammer. 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However, you can wind up making a mess in your kitchen if you don't, so it's best to start with a drained coconut. I can be reached here: Thank you everyone who has taken the time to email me about this site, I've been given lots of great feedback and ideas and will update the site soon. You need to be careful and quite skilled to do it this way. Remove the screwdriver and use the same method to poke a hole also into the side of the coconut. This is the main step: Opening the coconut in an easy and stylish way. Whatever you do, it'll be delicious. 13 years ago And it can also make for a really cute Instagram picture too. It tasted much like salty water in a gelatinized form. Should You Lift Weights Before Doing Cardio? With this instructable i want to say thank you for the nice sailing trip through the Yasawa Islands in F… 5. Once you've collected all the juice, you can open the coconut. Hitting a Coconut with a Basalt Chopper will produce a Pierced Coconut Hitting a Coconut with most rocks or hard tools will produce an Opened Coconut If you prefer, you can steady the coconut against a table or countertop. You will need a knife or a clean screwdriver. Like this illustrated guide? • * "Bring out your dead" *CLUNK* "Bring out your dead" *CLUNK* "Bring out your dead" "Got one right here! A simple trick I've learned about buying produce from a grocery store is that most of the time, the freshest product is either behind or underneath the rest of the product. You should discard it. When looking at the coconut shell closely, we will see that on the bottom it has 3 dimples. In terms of texture and flavor, dried coconut can’t touch the fresh stuff, but separating the meat from the shell can be a bit of a struggle. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. I was first thinking of the word "Copra", but that's the dried meat.Wikipedia says the following in the article about coconuts:"Adhering to the inside wall of the endocarp is the testa, with a thick albuminous endosperm (the coconut "meat"), the white and fleshy edible part of the seed. Repeat with each piece. On the outside, a coconut is covered in a thick, fibrous husk. This method was 100% effective at opening the coconut. Steady the pieces of coconut as you’re separating the coconut shell and meat by bracing it against your table or counter. You may shy away from purchasing a whole coconut, though, if you assume that you need a drill, hacksaw, and other specialty tools to open one. And there’s a good reason coconut water is so readily available at stores these days: it’s loaded with minerals, electrolytes, natural sugars, and vitamins. With a little practice you will easily be able to open a coconut down the middle in this way. Reposition the coconut and whack again. It's not possible to open a coconut with a straw. It might explode if it is left for too long and the water turns into steam, creating high pressure inside. Heating the coconut in your oven helps soften it enough that you can just whack it against a hard surface to split it open. 3. I'm also a non native english speaker so please correct me where i use inappropriate words. Ha, a man after my own heart, who needs a horse when you have coconut shells... Dude , how can you get a coconut ? Here you will find three sunken holes called as eyes and lots of fiber to protect those eyes. Yea, meat is the word that I've heard from English speaking Phillipino and Indian people. The Tao of Boyd: How to Master the OODA Loop. Place the end of the screwdriver or nail onto one of the three circles. 6. On the outside, a mature coconut will be a dull, dark brown color. Make sure to tap the mallet all over the coconut halves to ensure that the meat is loosened everywhere. Using the heel of the knife, hit the coconut at the endpoint of where the husk was removed. Flip the coconut over so that the blunter end is facing up, give it another hit or two with the rock, and you should be able to peel away the husk (which doubles as great tinder for making a fire!). ...I once got a coconut so I could make the horse hoof things from monty python. They'd just use a standard creeper! ", Coconut brand worked well for me because it split along the middle very neatly. We can nail the tip of the nail into the largest of these dimples with a light hammer, or use a brace and bit to pierce the shell. 4: After it cracks open, use a butter knife to separate the meat from the shell. The coconut will almost open in half, and now we can put the knife in this slit and cut it easily. However with a little skill and patience you will be able to easily crack open a coconut shell with or without certain tools. If you’re in a hurry, you can also microwave the coconut. Slide a butter knife between the shell and the meat and pry the meat away from the shell. It is also sold wrapped in plastic. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. So, I did what any normal person would think to do: chuck the coconut onto the concrete pavement until it exploded. Check the coconut every few minutes, though, to ensure that you don't heat it longer than necessary. 13 years ago They are almost always de-husked before displayed for sale. If you want to open a fresh coconut, you will need: 1. If you find that the coconut doesn’t split easily, repeat the previous step of tapping around the outside with the mallet. Want to start taking action on the content you read on AoM? Press each eye with the sharp tip of a wine opener until the softest spot is discovered. But before Google was popularized, all I had was my imagination to figure it out. The Coconut is a food item. If we don't trust our aim, before hitting the coconut we can cover it with a cloth. Yes, you can, coconut water is full of vitamins and it’s very hydrating. The best combination is a screwdriver or sharp object (large nail), a hammer, a knife and a bowl to hold the juice in.