Meanwhile Franny begins to understand Candy's "meddling" comes from genuine concern for her safety. Despite Eliza's protests, Mr. Leagan will not ignore two personal invitations and orders Eliza to gift a dress to Candy. But then an urgent telegram orders Michael to return to France immediately to help out at the battle front. Mrs. Leagan visits Dr. Leonard and threatens to withdraw the Leagan funds of the hospital if he does not fire Candy on the spot and make sure she leaves Chicago. In seventh heaven, Candy talks of nothing anymore but Terry. Jimmy is shocked to see the carnage. A compelling story in which orphaned Remi gets hired out to a traveling street entertainer Vitalis when her foster parents fall on hard times. Candy's worst fears become reality when the patient is called Terry Grandchester. And yet, when Eliza refuses Candy's assistance, Terry easily turns his back on her and returns home. Strangely enough, Albert appears and tells her that she has cried enough. When the wealthy farmer Steve adopts Tom, Candy also realizes gradually that she will miss Tom. They wish to see Albert themselves, but can do little for either Candy or Albert. While Patricia is set free the next morning, Candy has to stay locked in her contemplation room until the festival. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Eliza and Louisa overhear Annie's words and make sure everyone knows Annie's origin. What they do know is that he was a victim of a bomb explosion on a train in Italy, protected Poope with his body, and that there was a spy on the train. Annie who overhears this runs off, heartbroken. Diana is no older than eight years. Terry wishes to be the most happy he can pretend to be and perform at his best for his Romeo part for Candy's sake who has traveled such a long way from Chicago. When he starts to shear the stubborn sheep though, he talks as if he wants to punish a mother who abandoned her son. Tricked by Eliza, Candy gets locked up inside a dark room in a hallway that fits the description of Archibald's ghost story. When Albert accosts him, Terry picks a fight with Albert, which Albert wins easily. But when the local sheriff cautions them against kidnappers that sell children to childless Europeans, Mr. Garcia immediately goes on his way, not even caring about laborers anymore: Candy might render him a lot of money if he sells her to the child traffickers. Not even the roughest of the cowboys is able to resist such a confrontation with innocence. Candy pretends to sing, while the actual singer hides behind a curtain. Because the strict school does not allow pets, George wants to give Klint to the zoo. After a dispute over it, both horse riders nearly collide with Tom's cart. Candy admits to herself that she is in love with Terry and recognizes Eliza acts the way she does out of jealousy. Candy hopes to reason with Franny that she is serious about becoming a nurse, and that she is not as much an Ardley as Franny supposes, to no avail. Sister Gray stops the fight and wants to know who started it. She calls out to him with all of her heart, and across the waves the noise reaches him, but he supposes he must be delusional. Graytown promises to be no picnic. When Susy is on the mend, Mr. Carson thinks it is solely due to Candy's hard work. Terry had traveled to New York in the hope of finding and meeting his mother, but she asked him never to visit again before returning to her admirers. But Eliza will not be fooled and pulls away the curtain and finds Patricia who pretends to be the singer. Upon investigation Tony is either a ghost of a boy who died a month ago, or not a patient at all. In 1980, ZIV International acquired the U.S. rights to the series. Dr. Kerry takes a week of absence to find Arthur in Chicago. Neither Candy or Anthony ever possessed or used any money before and have all they need anyway. But Albert does not recognize either Candy or Poope. But the stolen medicine is dangerous with doses of more than a half-gram. Alistear offers her a lift in his car. Candy comes across a villa with a rose garden with Sweet Candies growing. To prevent the Walters from being split up, Candy sells her Sweet Candy rose and uses the money to pay off their debt and helps them on the train. As Annie and Candy return to the house, Annie discovers the sole rose in bloom in the garden, a Sweet Candy. A hysterical neighbor wakes Candy to tell her what has become of Albert. Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2014. The next morning, Candy chases after Jimmy for pelting her with a snowball and is led right into a chorus of orphans welcoming her back home. Meanwhile, Patricia delivers a package from grandfather William to Candy: a Romeo and a Juliet costume. Candy rushes off to tell her mind to Mr. Stafford, reciting the losses both the captain and she experienced and how his telegram might have cost the lives of several more. But Arthur has nowhere to run anymore. Klint helps to free Candy from her bondage and help her escape the tunnel. Candy approaches the young man who sheds tears at the ship's railing and does not even remotely resemble Anthony. Great-aunt Elroy is so incensed that she confines Candy to the house and sends Anthony to live in the dilapidated mountain mansion where Albert used to live. Candy had gotten a ride from an old sheep farmer, Arnold, part of the way to the port. Candy soon follows suit and is adopted into a cruel situation, where love, reunions and other challenges await her. But after her old enemy Eliza loudly introduces Candy as the "Barn Princess", her former maidservant who was abandoned by her parents, and Anthony's murderess, even Patricia avoids Candy. Hurt, Candy defends Anthony and reveals the circumstances in which Anthony died. At Pony's Home Candy wallows in her sorrow over Anthony's death. Finally alone, Annie admits she is unhappy and cannot forget everything and everyone that ever made her happy. While Candy is bored by having to learn the aristocratic ways - being dressed, butlers delivering messages, learning all the Ardley names, dates of birth and death by heart - Eliza lures Anthony on a horse riding trip with a lie. Merry Jane is displeased with both Franny and Candy, and nicknames Candy "dim-wit". On the way home, Albert who went looking for her in his new car meets her on the road. Nelson and the workers help carry Dr. Kerry to the clinic. In Southampton, Candy searches for Juskin's seafaring company. Officers take Charlie into custody while Candy may lose her position under suspicion of aiding and abetting a fugitive. Tom drops Candy off at a silent Pony's Home: everybody is at Governor Cartwright's ranch. Candy cannot believe it, but the Animal Institute tells her they do not know any Albert. Candy rushes over to Happy Clinic, a substandard medical facility, and the carefree but knowledgeable Dr. Martin, who does not seem to consider Albert's injuries very serious. Great-aunt Elroy and Candy make peace, and Candy realizes the folly of her superstition when Anthony laughs about it. Arthur and his sister escape, but the sheriff and the marshall have not come to Graytown for nothing. She learns he ventured out towards Pony's Hill. So, at Neil's next attempt he waits for Candy to finish her work, give her flowers and then reason she cannot refuse to go out with him, once she accepted the flowers. The Smurfs are little blue creatures that live in mushroom houses in a forest inhabited mainly by their own kind. Realizing the Cornwell brother, Eliza and Neil are in Chicago, Terry becomes more sure that he did hear Candy. Karen has already left for New York to replace Susanna. But Candy cannot let him go and reveals she loves him like a brother. Candy barely recognizes him without his beard and moustache, looking so much younger. The next day, Neil tries to court Candy on the job by ordering her to go out with him. It was known beforehand that Mr. McGregor could never be cured. Knowing that this is not love at all, Candy cannot bear to sit down the play anymore. Candy finds Albert hard at work trying to recall his past, with Poope squeaking encouragement, and wonders if Terry could help jog Albert's memory. While the Ardley family buries Anthony, Candy suffers a severe fever and nightmares. Candy will have a happy future full of love, but Anthony's cards foretell death. While trying to engage a timid, weak girl in a wheelchair in extremely kind conversation about where the best scenery is, the girl fears Candy is so nice because she is soon to die, and this fear may have been too much for the girl who has cardiac issues. Marsha recuperates as soon as Patricia arrives, as well as her co-workers from the construction site. Meanwhile, Eliza who went snooping in Archibald's desk found Candy's closed letter as well as copies of Archibald's letters to Candy concerning Arthur. Then Candy learns she, Franny and three other students are sent to Chicago in order to learn surgical techniques that she might have to use as a war nurse. With Minori Matsushima, Kazuhiko Inoue, Makio Inoue, Mami Koyama. When great-aunt Elroy rejects the notion of an Ardley working, Candy says she wants to abdicate her adoption. Though first ordering her out, the boy does eat his meal and asks Candy to teach him how to throw a lasso. Albert is in Africa, working in a hospital to treat animals. But to Candy's annoyance, Karen preys on her insecurities, claiming that Candy has already lost per definition from her rival Susanna, because actors who play Romeo and Juliet together often end up marrying each other. Sister Mary reveals to Candy what she knows and wants to take Candy back home with her. "The Person Far from Reach but Near at Hand". Patty expresses feelings of envy that Candy has two handsome friends like Archibad and Alistear to dance with, while she has no such friends. Even if Archibald is not her prince, it seems that the Ardley estate houses plenty of interesting and friendly people. On Mr. Cartwright's cart Candy rides the orphans to Tom's ranch after receiving an invitation from him. Alistear and Archibald are skeptical of Terry's honor, but as soon as Terry learns of Candy's trouble, he reveals the truth to Sister Grey.