“Area Agency on Aging” is a generic term—specific names of local AAAs may vary. Using the search tool on this page, you can enter your zip code to find your local agency. Deborah:   They might need a little respite. And we receive funding to provide services to individuals that are 60 years of age or older that live in Harris County. Their goal is to provide assistance and access to resources for the senior population found in their localities. Brian:         That’s a big resource, the Health and Human Services Department. You'll get a cash offer in 24 hours or less. Most agencies serve a specific geographic area of several neighboring counties. Deborah:   These are seniors that are able to leave their homes and either bring themselves to a congregate setting or we will provide transportation and transport them to the setting. Deborah:   Absolutely. Thank you. In this interview, Brian met with Deborah Moore, Chief of Staff from the Harris County Area Agency on Aging, which provides free senior services and benefits in Houston and Harris County. The meals program, actually, is our largest program. They do a little line dancing. And we have with us Deborah Moore, who is the chief of the bureau. I donot know if these caps were bad and the X-rays did not put them up. Here is a closer look at the services that they offer. Harris County Area Agency on Aging is funded by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. A good first place to look is on the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging's website. The senior center nearest to you might also have information on how to find and contact your local Area Agency on Aging. And thank you so much for having me this morning. Brian:         Oh, I had no idea that there were public services that did, you really think of those as private pay or private services. She is elderly and has no responsible family. Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Mobility assistance programs, meal plans & housing, Individual counseling, support groups and caregiver training, Supplemental services, on a limited basis. Area agencies on aging coordinate local services and supports for older adults and people with disabilities in their communities. Contact us to find out how Big State can quickly get you cash for your home. AgingCare.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment; or legal, or financial or any other professional services advice. The benefit of using an Area Agency on Aging goes beyond simply finding local help. In short, they are a gateway organization that helps seniors on the local level. And we bring services into their homes and in their communities, to assist these individuals in remaining in their homes and remaining in their communities for as long as it is healthy and safe for them to do so. Agencies also receive a blend of federal, state, local, and community funds and contributions. This allows an Area Agency on Aging to really get to know the local senior population and to focus on finding resources and services that address the unique needs of that population. So we have a broad reach. Home > Organization > Area Agency On Aging. Where do they serve meals? I have a friend in Houston who is in dire need of help. Join 1,019,247 Seniors Who've Searched for Housing Communities on SeniorLiving.org. Deborah:   But our parent organization is the City of Houston Health and Human Services Department. And that’s the category of services where if there’s an individual who is in need of vision services, vision screening and eyeglasses, hearing services, hearing screening and possibly hearing aids, dental services, or even assistance in purchasing prescription medication, we will provide funding to assist that individual in acquiring those services and goods. Brian:         We’re really flattered you joined us. Sell Your House Today. You will always receive a fair and honest offer from us, with no obligation and no pressure. My number is 8325733641. They come for the meal but more so, they come for the socialization. About. Harris County Area Agency on Aging is funded by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. Deborah:   Sure. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Area Agency On Aging locations in Alice, TX. We do a really good job of trying to get the word out, which is why I’m really appreciative to be here with you discussing this, because we want seniors and their caregivers to know about our services and to know how to contact us to request the services. Still others, such as the Area Agency on Aging, are all of these things and offer seniors access to resources on a regional, state, and local level too. There, you will find a simple search tool that allows you to search for your local Area Agency on Aging by your city, state, or by zip code. And they go into the setting. Most Area Agencies on Aging provide service or information for just about everything that a senior or family member of a senior could need. You can find many resources for seniors online and in your local area. Deborah:   That’s correct, Brian. Deborah:   Sure. We call those our Personal Assistance and Homemaker Services. Seniors come. Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are local aging programs that provide information and services on a range of assistance for older adults and those who care for them. A good first place to look is on the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging's website. We’re also located at 8000 Stadium Drive and that’s with the Health and Human Services Department. So we’ll do a little bit more detail in another recording, but I think that this is an awesome service and something that we’ve. By contacting your local agency you get access to critical information including: AgingCare.com connects families who are caring for aging parents, spouses, or other elderly loved ones with the information and support they need to make informed caregiving decisions. Big State is an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. Others are regional or focus on resources on the state level. We protect your information. We also provide meals in congregate settings. Each agency serves a unique region of the state. Brian:         Which while we’re at that, tell us how people do reach your agency? Selling a House During A Divorce? And these, we actually, as a Triple A, have been established since 1977, providing services throughout Harris County. The biggest benefit is that many of the companies on their list have been screened to make sure that they are properly licensed, reliable, and legal. At Big State Home Buyers, we specialize in buying properties quickly from people and our largest demographic is actually people that are either aging out of the house or people that have inherited or caregivers that need the funds from the house to support long-term care and we interview a lot of people and like I said, I had no idea there was a public service that did this. Deborah:   So we will send someone in the home to assist the senior, to give the family member an opportunity maybe to just step away, take a break, take care of themselves. They serve the elderly population (60+) of their local areas. To help define the “local level,” an Area Agency on Aging works within an assigned geographic location. We provide funding for those organizations to deliver meals to the homes of those seniors. The other services that we provide are in-home services, which means if there’s a senior in their home and they want to remain in their home and they need just a little bit of assistance with activities of daily living, such as maybe grooming, housecleaning, cooking, we provide funds to agencies that have what we call providers, that will go into the home and assist the senior with activities of daily living.