0000081140 00000 n 0000085065 00000 n 0000064749 00000 n 0000065858 00000 n Since many files on an iOS device have timestamps associated with them, timeline creation and analysis was mentioned as a key component to any investigation. Early in the summer of 2009 Ali spots Ian kissing Spencer. August 2009 Ali was spotted by Mona Vanderwaal at a boutique in Brookhaven. Analyzing the Column: Reading and discussion questions for "How I Became A Historian" Analyzing the Column: Reading and discussion questions for "4 Myths About Slavery" Extension Activities: 1. Analyze Timeline Profiling Results. 0000065004 00000 n The reader was walked through the process of installing a timeline analysis kit, running the tool, and finally analyzing the data. 2006-2007 Toby’s mom, Marion Cavanaugh began to show symptoms of some sort of illness or depression. 0000082844 00000 n 0000018785 00000 n 0000082177 00000 n 0000065150 00000 n 0000017115 00000 n Find out more about timelines—their history, how to analyze them, what to do with them—by watching this video. 0000004724 00000 n 0000070669 00000 n A timeline organizes important events by chronological order, which is another way of saying in date order or the order in which the events happened. 0000024025 00000 n This is a timeline of all the events that happened leading up to the day Ali went missing. 0000018205 00000 n document.write('