2) Customize Logistics Network The insights provided here remain remarkably fresh ten years later. This article will explain to you the key principles of supply chain management in 5 minutes. 7 Principles of Supply Chain Management Anderson et al suggested that activity based costing (ABC) be implemented so you can determine customer’s profitability. The most primitive means to section client is ABC analysis that groups consumer based on sales volume or productivity. Warinee Prapai ‘We source’ our great products from supplies all around, A Critique of the article “7 Principles of Supply Chain Management” Time is a crucial factor in logistics. They, Superior supply chain management in Li and Fung Ltd So, logistics network style is sort of effort driven mostly by client. At that time, Supply Chain Management (SCM)  was a pretty new term so this article did the excellent job to explain important supply chain management principles in one shot. The basic constituent of supply activities are the products that are transported from the manufacturer to the consumers. Degree Enrolled In: Master of International Business (MIB) and Master of Logistics Management (MLM) Company's Supply Chain Director, Martin White, summarized the 4 key principles of "7-in-3" supply chain strategy. In 1997, Supply Chain Management Review published one article called “The Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management” written by David Anderson, Frank Britt and Donavon Favre. What the Military Isn’t telling us about Supply Chains, american production and inventory control, american production and inventory control society, certification for supply chain management, certified profession in supply management, certified purchasing manager certification, purchasing inventory management inventory purchasing, the association for operations management, the council of supply chain management professionals, How to Get Started in Supply Chain Management Jobs Entry Level Positions. Our training programs present the most effective and intense study methods required to pass all 3 exams which are required for certification. They are the world’s leading consumer goods sourcing and logistics company. A Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management from MIT School of Distance Learning provides extensive knowledge of the field so that the successful candidates are immediately absorbed in the industry. So what is variability? The main aim of SCM deals with taking care of 7 R’s these are as follows: 1. It is the duty of the supply team to ensure that the goods are stored properly and delivered to the customers in the right condition. This is what we can understand as segment products through its features .One segment is for normal products which are predictable and another for high-tech products which is unpredictable .Company can through monitor the different segments to set different forecasting and stocking policies. 9.References 9  Submitted by Standardization is the complete opposite of differentiation. By standardizing product appropriately, they can drive cost down drastically due to economy of scale. Although this helps a particular company to focus on the particular task they have at hand, it makes the supply chain longer and, ASSIGNMENT #1:Suppliers and Supply chain management The most primitive way to segment customer is ABC analysis that groups customer based on sales volume or profitability.