This allows taxonomies to be exported in reports since the export is done around the setup_theme hook, which takes place prior to init. Took away the opportunity of minimum user level which can manage WP-CRM to change roles and passwords of other users. It works out of the box. Added upsell feature and minor improvements. There are no expensive contracts required in order for you to access your customer’s information. Perfect for client data managment. Minor change to collapsible filters UI on overview page. Fixed bug in user display when no user was selected. And easy to customize to your needs. Added button to the “Create Project from Opportunity” link. Previous capability activate_plugins caused multisite admins (not super admins) to not be able to update settings. Fix: 404 error on a script caused datepicker to not funciton correctly. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Fix: Sort function on record categories would return an error when no categories were assigned to a record. New capabilities: View Profiles, View Overview, Manage Settings, Add User Messages, Send Group Message (premium), Fixed issue with capabilities not being added automatically on plugin activation (a refresh was necessary before. Respond to contacts according to importance and urgency for greater efficiency. Forced deactivation of the premium plugins that were merged into WP-CRM System core. Added filtering options to shortcode form tab. was not set for a contact, “Select an Option” text would display before the name on the dashboard “Address Book” section. Added better BuddyPress integration – link to a user’s BuddyPress profile can be enabled to display on the overview table for quick access. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Added a wp_crm_add_to_user_log() function for easy user log modification. Really friendly team and nothing was too much trouble. This plugin is intended to significantly improve user management, easily create contact forms, and keep track of incoming shortcode form messages. from "screen options", is it possible to insert columns related to custom fields created with "Custom Field"? Pin point the customer(s) you are looking for. Enabled default WordPress commenting on records so you and your team can have a conversation from within WP-CRM System. Fixed general send notification functionality. Added doing WP-CRM Settings backup on upgrade to new version. Added Detailed Activity log page which displayed when detailed activity tracking is enabled. With this plugin you pretty much decide. Added new column to messages list with Source association. But those are feature requests; not criticisms. Only Administrator level users (with manage_options capability) can access WP-CRM System settings. I read some of the other reviews and I thought they were unnecessarily critical. It does not require a subscription to some other service. When your contact logs into their account, they’ll be able to see everything you’re working on for them. Updated the WPCRM_System_Create class to include custom file fields, which have been introduced in the Custom Fields add-on. The plugin will take existing information (name, email address, etc.) “Your Profile” link in header directs to CMR profile when “Replace default WordPress User page with WP-CRM.” is enabled. Welcome to X2CRM X2CRM is an open source CRM software platform for marketing, sales, customer service and other custom applications powered by an easy to use workflow engine and process management framework. “Change Passwords” capability added. Fixed some localization issues related to dynamic values. Developers can query custom fields, or hard code important dates in the calendar such as holidays. Merged several previously premium plugins into WP-CRM System core, including all Import / Export plugins (campaigns, contacts, opportunities, organizations, projects, tasks), Email Notifications, and Contact From User. Fix: Security vulnerabilities were discovered and corrected. Your WP control panel can effectively be used to manage all your customers, vendors, partners, affiliates, etc. Styling fixes to Settings page “Plugin” tab. Fix: Set admin capability for managing settings to manage_options. Set time & dates as deadline. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. WP-CRM System is a fully featured WordPress CRM that allows you to use the WordPress interface you are already familiar with to manage your customers, projects, and tasks with ease. New Contextual Help. Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin? Added ability to set Capability Role on user’s edit page. Read our blog post on GDPR. New Feature: Send emails to contacts directly from WP-CRM System. New: Sortable columns on post edit page for each record type. Added German translation thanks to Michael Pekic. I suggest googling a bit more. Administrators can still view/edit/delete all records. New: Included text to assist users when drafting their website’s privacy policy. Various bug fixes and performance improvements. This plugin is written in tidy procedural code that uses action hooks in the proper WordPress manner. Great plugin, simple and complete. Which is why I hope this plugin will keep existing with updates. UI fixes to overview screen (roles are now collapsed too). Now title field is removed, and the title is automatically generated by the First and Last Name fields. Excellent user organization, filtering and editing. WP-Invoice integration – invoices can be seen in CRM profile. Improved: Searchable dropdown menus for all organization, contact, project, campaign, and user select menus. Developer Note: added conditional body classes to profile page: ‘wp_crm_existing’ if current profile is for existing user and ‘wp_crm_new_user’ if new user creation. Associated objects, such as properties, are now associated with messages when the shortcode form shortcode is filled out from a property page. New: Introduced features to allow users to more easily comply with GDPR rules. Fix: If a record is moved to the trash, it still shows as being linked in the post_meta of other records. There are a number of inexpensive WordPress CRM extensions that will allow you to do more with WP-CRM System. For example, a contact that is trashed, but was previously linked to an opportunity would still show as being linked to that opportunity. Contributors. Add reminders, information, comments, messages and a lot more in user's profile. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Added back-end styles compatibility with WordPress 3.8 and higher. Required input fields that also have dropdown options now require that a dropdown value is selected during validation, in addition to text. Fix: New site setup by a super administrator on a multisite subsite caused fatal error when saving initial settings. Removed uploadify.php ( Update: Added information to new extensions. I recommend WP-CRM to anyone that is in need of a CRM for their WordPress site. Moved recurring entries out from the WP-CRM System > Dashboard > Settings tab into it’s own tab at WP-CRM System > Dashboard > Recurring. BuddyPress profile integration. There were some minor features lacking that I required, however when I mentioned these suggestions to the plugin developer he responded extremely quickly and released an update which included these custom feature suggestions. I would highly recommend this plugin to sales-driven organizations; especially companies that generate estimates, convert those estimates into projects, break those projects into tasks, and assign those tasks to specific users. I'd like to add, that i have a subscription. Provides the possibility to create your own export plugin that will include custom fields, or other information. Moved the sorting into the check to see if record has categories. I've had to email them 3 times and they've been incredibly helpful each time. Satisfied Customer, Good evening, Stylize the text as you like to highlight important parts. I've checked several "crm" plugins out and most of them either have to many options that are not necessary and make it more fragile. Create a project or task once, and have it automatically generate a new one after a given number of days, weeks, months, or years. Shame, but I do not recommend it. Added new options for WP-Property and Denali Integration. Prior reporting was very static in that you could view a page with ALL projects assigned to ALL organizations.